‘General Hospital’ weekly recap – Week of 11/12-11/16

By Sari N. Kent,
Carly saw AJ alive and called the cops, Robert returned to town, Patrick stopped short of sleeping with Brit and Maxie confessed her true feelings to Spinelli but was she too late?

Carly walked in on AJ and Michael at the Quartermaine mansion. She demanded to know why he wasn’t dead and was pretty sure that the cops would want an explanation. She started dialing the police as Monica ran in. Then, Michael begged Carly not to call the cops. Carly couldn’t believe it and reiterated how AJ kidnapped him and took picture of him lying in a swamp to convince them he was dead! Michael then told Carly that he just wanted her to hold off calling the cops so he could get some answers. But, she called Dante anyway and told him that AJ was alive. Then, Monica smacked her across the face and told AJ to run but he wouldn’t. He said he’d go to prison as long as he got to see Michael, even just once a week from behind bars.

At home, Dante thought he and Lulu should use a surrogate. She wasn’t thrilled with the idea of someone else carrying their child but he told her that they get to experience everything while she goes about her business and she gets to do everything else. After Carly’s call he left and Lulu assured him she would think about it. He told her that he thought it might be the answer they were looking for. Alone, Lulu did some research on surrogacy.

Dante arrived at the mansion to arrest AJ. Michael begged him not to but he arrested AJ anyway. Alone, Michael was mad at Carly and told her that he wouldn’t wish prison on anyone, especially his father

Sam visited Anna at work and demanded to know what she was doing to find Jason. Anna informed Sam that someone left hair at the scene and she was waiting for the results. They both thought it could be Jerry but when the results came back they didn’t match anyone in their system. Sam was determined to find Jason on her own but Anna wanted to talk with her about Robin. Anna told Sam that Heather told her that Robin was alive and that she followed the lead all the way to Switzerland. She then told Sam that it wasn’t true and that it felt like she lost Robin all over again. Sam was shocked at what Anna was saying considering Duke just came back from the dead and then Sam told Anna that they both have every reason to hold on to hope.

At the hospital Brit and Elizabeth took care of a young patient with the flu. They discussed Patrick and Brit told Elizabeth that she’s getting impatient that he isn’t over Robin yet. Elizabeth then tells Brit that Patrick was a total player before he got married and will eventually find her hard to resist. In fact, the first time Robin met Patrick he was having sex with a nurse. Elizabeth then told Brit that she would like to see Patrick happy and that Brit seemed like his type. Then, the sick girl called Brit over and threw up on her.

Sabrina ran into Patrick getting dressed in the on-call room. Sabrina told him that she wanted to bring back the Nurse’s Ball as a tribute to Robin. He was flattered. Suddenly, Brit came in and took off her vomit-covered shirt. Underneath she was just wearing a red bra and black panties. Then, she tossed her scrubs to Sabrina to clean. Brit thought the ball sounded depressing until Patrick expressed his interest in it. Then, Sabrina left and Brit wondered if Patrick had thought more about spending the night with her. He told Brit that Emma was with Mac and Felicia tonight and he agreed to come over.

In the Swiss clinic Robin realized Duke wasn’t really Duke. He ripped off his mask - it was really Cesar Faison! Robin was sure Anna would see though him but he assured her that he didn’t care if Anna really loves Duke as long as he gets her. If he brought Robin back to her she would have love him forever, but that was over now. Robin promised that Anna would be so happy to have her back she wouldn’t care and that he would be their hero but Faison told Robin that there was nothing he wanted more but he didn’t believe her. He then told Robin that he would have Anna’s heart and that there was just one more loose end to tie up. Then, Faison entered another room where another patient was restrained. It was the real Duke!

Sonny and Milo were boxing in the ring when Milo told Sonny that that Ms. Howard came on to him. Sonny knocked him out. When Milo came to, Sonny apologized and reminds Milo that Ms. Howard wasn’t herself and that it wasn’t his fault. Then, Trey walked in and took the blame for Connie not being committed. Sonny tried to comfort Trey saying that he wouldn't want to know the woman he saw in court. Then, Carly interrupted demanding she talk to Sonny about Michael. She then told Sonny that AJ was alive, had been arrested, that Michael already knew he was alive and that he was probably at the PCPD seeing if AJ was okay. Sonny swore to Carly that even though he'd lost Kate and his best friend was dead there was no way in hell that he’d let AJ take his son from him.

At The Haunted Star, Johnny signed some papers for Connie. She passed Lulu on the way out saying "Hi dodo, by dodo." Lulu then asked Johnny if he was ready to tell her what was going on. Johnny then admitted that Connie did have something on him but didn’t want to put Lulu in a position where she had to lie to her husband. Lulu alluded to lies that blew her and Dante's chances of adopting a baby. She explained that she panicked and that they were being blackballed in the national adoption database. Lulu declined his help and they talked about the complications of surrogacy. She told him that she was skeptical but Johnny assured her that she would get what she wanted. Later, Dante walked in on Lulu reading the surrogacy pamphlet and she said that maybe they should look into it.

Starr rushed into Manning Enterprises and begged Todd to promise not to tell Carly Michael's secret. She was surprised to hear Todd say that he didn't tell Carly and the least he could do was keep Starr's secret since she was hiding a hefty secret for him. Connie suddenly appeared in the doorway and said, "Your secret may be safe with Starr. With me? Not so much." She bragged about her freedom and the sympathetic judge. Then, Starr reminded her that she murdered Cole and Hope. Connie denied it and told Starr that if she didn’t believe her, she could ask her father. Starr was infuriated when Connie demanded that Todd give her Crimson magazine and said her father would never give the woman who murdered his granddaughter her magazine back. Connie disagreed and told her that Todd was bound contractually to do so or he would face penalties and then Connie handed him the contract with a note on it. As Starr stormed out, Connie demanded Todd give back her office back too. Todd vehemently refused. Connie then seductively proposed that they share the office.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly tried to call Michael unsuccessfully as Monica walked in and mocked her attempts. They shouted at each other and Carly said she had nothing to feel guilty about. Monica then replied, "Try telling that to Michael." Carly then questioned Monica's motives. She said it was all on her as she reminded Monica about when she lost the baby after her fall from the stairs and Michael's post-traumatic stress disorder when AJ kidnapped him. As Alice walked in, Carly threatened that Monica never got Michael as a baby and she wouldn’t get him now then she left. As Alice was telling Monica that Tracy was on the loose, a furious Tracy walked in with a boat oar and went after Alice who then grabbed a fireplace poker. Monica tried to get in between them. Eventually, Tracy put the oar down and Monica told her that AJ had been arrested. Tracy then called the police station, and later taunted Alice and Monica as they were escorted out of the mansion in handcuffs.

At the police station, Anna left a message for Duke saying she was happy he was back from the dead. Then, Dante walked in with an undead AJ in handcuffs and informed Anna of the charges AJ was facing – kidnapping, fraud and attempted murder. Anna was about to book AJ, when Michael stormed in declaring that nothing happened to his father without him. Michael then told AJ not to say anything without a lawyer and that maybe they should call Alexis. Then, Dante and Michael argued over Michael defending AJ. As they argued AJ finds out that Dante and Michael were brothers and later listed Sonny's crimes of torture and threats. Michael begged him to stop talking but AJ insisted that Sonny forcibly took his son from him. Anna interceded and then asked Dante to leave. An officer then told Anna that Tracy Quartermaine was on the phone for her. AJ was lying in a prison cell, when a stoic Sonny walked in to face him.

At the Swiss Clinic, Faison threatened Duke who was tied to a hospital cot. He accused Duke of hiding information and lying, then he pulled out a gun and told Duke that he would suffer for it. Later, Duke asked how things have been going in Port Charles. Duke sneered that Faison's plan was futile because Anna is a detective and would figure Faison out since Duke supplied him with more than one false memory. Faison then offered to let Duke live for now and then played the message Anna left for Duke earlier that day saying she was glad he wasn't dead. Duke was helpless as Faison baited Duke with tales of the kiss that he shared with Anna the night before. “Does that sound like a woman who doesn't believe?” Faison asked Duke. Then, Faison left the clinic dressed as Duke, with the face mask on.

Outside Manning Enterprises, Starr confessed to Michael, who was still at the police station that Todd knew about AJ being alive. Then, Carly walked in as Michael told Starr that it didn’t matter because someone else decided to turn AJ into the cops.

From his jail cell, AJ accused of Sonny of stealing everything he had, including Michael. Sonny told AJ that Michael had been through some hard times, had made something of himself and didn’t need AJ. Then, Michael arrived. AJ wanted him to decide for himself. He brought up Sonny putting him up on the meat hook again and Sonny retaliated by telling Michael about the time AJ threw a pregnant Carly down the stairs, killing her baby and about the accident left Jason brain damaged. Sonny then explained that he just wanted to protect Michael. AJ admitted that he was out of control and Michael defended AJ. Michael then told AJ about when he got shot in the head by a bullet meant of Sonny, that he was in a coma for a while but he was fine now and that it wasn’t Sonny’s fault. Carly heard them screaming and came in. She wanted the three of them to leave but Michael wanted to stay with AJ.

At The Haunted Star, Patrick and Brit walked off together and Elizabeth and Sabrina decided to get drinks…Big ones. They had been turned down by the Quartermaines for funding for the Nurse’s Ball. Sabrina scarfed down her drink and started mocking Brit. She thought she and Patrick were probably having sex right then. Then, Elizabeth realized that Sabrina had a thing or Patrick. She denied it but Elizabeth wasn’t fooled. Sabrina was mortified and told her that it was just a crush, that she just wanted Patrick to be happy and that she didn’t think Brit cared about him and has never looked twice at Emma. She then told Elizabeth that he wasn’t ready to move on, not that it would stop Brit.

In their Metro Court room, Brit and Patrick started kissing. She went to get more comfortable and he tried to get undressed but stops when he saw his wedding ring. She came out in her bra and panties but he had all of his clothes on and told her that he wasn’t ready.

At their table at The Haunted Star, Maxie wanted to subtly sabotage Ellie and Spin’s relationship. Maxie didn’t think they were too serious since they hadn’t even had sex yet. Lulu and Dante encouraged her to tell Spinelli how she felt before he got more involved with Ellie. She agreed and called Spinelli but he didn’t answer. "They must be busy looking at bacteria," she said. “I’ll just tell him in the morning. How much can change between now and then?” Maxie asked Lulu and Dante.

Ellie and Spinelli made out at her new apartment but then she pulled away. She told him that she wanted to but she was nervous because she had been hurt before and didn’t think she could go through that again. She then told Spinelli that “being with you would be significant for me” and that she didn’t want to take this step unless it was serious. He assured her he wasn’t going to hurt her and he was usually the one who got hurt. They started kissing and he didn’t notice Maxie’s call. Later, they moved to Ellie’s bedroom.

Diane visited Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica advised her no one would be home. She told Tracy that she was representing Alice and Monica and wanted her to drop the charges. Tracy refused. Diane then told Tracy that she would begin eviction proceedings unless they could work something out. Later, Monica and Alice returned and then Tracy told Monica that was going to make it her mission to make sure that AJ spent the rest of his life behind bars.

Faison as "Duke" returned to his room in Port Charles and called Anna. After the call he loaded a gun. He couldn’t wait to take his place at her side.

In her hotel suite Anna’s call with fake Duke was interrupted when Robert walked in. She hung up quickly and Robert asked if that was Duke. He then told Anna that Luke had called him collect from a Turkish prison and that Duke’s story checks out but Luke was stuck there. Robert told Anna that she was too smart to take things at face value. Anna was happy to see him but demanded that he stay out of her life. Robert then told her that he thinks she’s sinking quickly and he will pull her out whether she likes it or not. Then, she left after telling Robert to pass on to Luke to not drop the soap.

At The Haunted Star Lulu let Olivia know she ruined her and Dante’s chances at adopting a baby because she lied about her family on the application. Olivia was sure they would have a baby because she told Lulu that she saw it. Then, Lulu replied that it didn’t matter anyway because having a baby is too expensive. Olivia then offered her the money but Lulu wasn’t comfortable with that. Lulu then took a call from Maxie while Olivia went over her checkbook and noticed she was a few zeroes short. Then, “Duke” arrived but Olivia saw Faison’s face and was shaken. When “Duke” left and Lulu asked Olivia what she saw, she told Lulu that she saw someone creepy that she didn’t recognize. Later, Robert came to tell Lulu that Luke was in Turkey, but safe and that he agreed with Luke that Duke was hiding something. "Like his real face," Lulu replied.

Back at home, Faison gave himself a pep talk to get through the night. He had a few hours before Anna came over. Then, there was a knock at the door and he decided to answer without his mask.

From her apartment Maxie left Spinelli an urgent message. Ellie came out of the bedroom and wondered what Maxie needs Damien for. Suddenly, Spinelli came out of Ellie’s bedroom and everyone was uncomfortable. Spinelli then ran off to get bagels and Ellie hopped in the shower. Then, Maxie called Lulu and told her that Spinelli and Ellie had sex. She ended the call abruptly when Spinelli came back. Suddenly Ellie got called to the lab. Spinelli listened to Maxie’s message then asked her what the urgent matter was. Then, she finally told him it was him that she wanted.

At the gym, Sonny was worried that Diane would get AJ released since he wanted to steal Michael and it was working. Dante told Sonny about the surrogacy, but that it was too expensive for them. Sonny wanted to help his son and offered only money that was 100 percent legitimate through the coffee business because Dante and Lulu had too much to offer to let money get in the way. Dante accepted it only as a loan that he could pay back, if Lulu agreed. He thanked Sonny, who told Dante that he would do anything for his sons. Then, Dante assured him that he wouldn’t lose any of them.

At GH, Elizabeth noticed that Sabrina was down. She told Elizabeth that she was still upset about Britt and Patrick and didn’t think he was ready to move on. Then, Patrick suddenly appeared and heard everything Sabrina said but he thought they were talking about the Nurse’s Ball. He replied that it meant so much to him that they wanted to do that. Patrick then excused himself to go talk to Britt. Elizabeth then approached Steve, told him that AJ was alive, which shocked her since he the one that pronounced him dead. Later, Elizabeth wants Steve’s help getting Quartermaine funding behind Tracy’s back but he wouldn’t do it. Later, Olivia visited Steve with some food then she told him about her run-in with “Duke” and when she looked at him he didn’t look like himself.

Sabrina listened in as Patrick and Britt talked in one of the hospital rooms. Patrick told Britt he was sorry about leading her on and that he wasn’t ready because he felt like being with another woman would be disloyal to Robin. Then, he added that he didn’t expect her to wait for him but she replied that she was willing to wait. Sabrina then ran off as they exited and ran to tell Elizabeth all about it. She went on and on about Patrick, who had come up behind her. Elizabeth tried to warn Sabrina to stop talking but it was too late.

At The Haunted Star Robert told Lulu that he thinks Lavery is hiding something. Then, she told him about Olivia’s vision and he believed it. He then asked how accurate her visions have been and believed it despite the LSD connection. He then wanted to talk to Olivia and get a description of the man she saw.

At the nurse’s station Sabrina gushed to Elizabeth about Patrick and Elizabeth tried to warn her to stop but it was too late. Patrick was right behind her and heard everything she said… except who it was Sabrina was talking about. He replied that wanted to help set her up with whoever it was but she covered by telling it was Dr. Webber. She told Patrick that she has cared for him since the first moment she saw him. Then, she asked them both to just drop it. He apologized and got back to his patients. Later, Patrick told Sabrina she would find someone who was crazy about her and loves her the way she deserves to be loved.

At the hospital Olivia told Steve about her vision. Then, Lulu and Robert arrived and Robert asked Olivia to describe the man she saw when she looked at “Duke” so they that could uncover what Lavery was hiding. Then, they went into another room and she told him that the man was smoking a cigarillo and looked like Hannibal Lector, but was skinnier with bushy eyebrows. Steve then suggested that Elizabeth sketch a picture of the man from Olivia’s description. After Elizabeth was finished, she recognized the man and was shocked. She then showed Robert that the sketch was a picture of Faison.

Without his mask on Faison prepared for his evening with Anna in his room. Anna arrived early and he stalled. After he was ready he let her in. Then, she told him that Robert was in town, that Luke was in Turkey and that he had convinced Robert that Duke had carefully constructed a lie. But, then Anna told him that all they have done is convince her to move out. She went to cook dinner and he hid his cigarillos. They sat for dinner and “Duke” told her that he was glad they were together now. They toasted to their future. They then realized that there was no reason they couldn’t be together and started to kiss.

At home, Maxie told Spinelli that she was in love with him and that she tried to tell him after the bachelor party, then again at the wedding but there was never a quiet moment. Plus, Ellie is so nice. Maxie also said she got her divorce from Matt to be with him and that she kept trying to tell him but he was always with Ellie. She finished by saying that she could tell that he knew that night that she wanted him back by the way he looked at her but that she got upset when he was making out with Ellie so she left, but then called his cell phone and he didn’t answer. Then, she said realized that he didn’t answer because he and Ellie were having sex, but she said that she still had to tell him how she felt.

Monica and Tracy argued about AJ’s return at the mansion when AJ walked in. He was under house arrest and wanted to see Edward but Tracy refused to let him. She said that the shock of seeing AJ alive could make Edward have a heart attack and so AJ relented. Tracy then left to check on him. AJ then insisted on knowing how Monica made the huge bail and she told him that she had to use the house as collateral. Tracy overheard and then secretly tried to find Michael. When she returned, she told Monica that Edward was pale and asked her to check on him. Then, alone with AJ, the phone rang and Tracy told him that it was Sam and there was an emergency with Michael. Frantic about his son, AJ cut off his ankle monitor and left while Tracy chuckled. Then, Monica returned and asked Tracy where AJ was. Tracy kicked his ankle bracelet under the couch.

Michael visited Sam at the penthouse. He told her that AJ was alive and locked up. She approve and said that Sonny and Carly were far from perfect but it was nothing compared to what AJ had done. Michael told Sam that he didn’t want AJ to go to prison because it was awful not just because of the rape. Sam understood but reminded Michael not to forget the people who love him or who AJ was. Later, Michael commented on how much Danny looked like Jason and Sam told him that Jason was really his father and that Heather had tampered with the results. Michael then told Danny that his dad came back when he was least expecting it and so will his. Later, AJ arrived and realized Tracy had set him up.



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