‘General Hospital’ weekly recap – Week of 11/19-11/23

By Sari N. Kent,
Edward passed away and was honored, some old Port Charles residents return for his funeral, Heather crashed the Q’s Thanksgiving and “Duke” wormed his way further into Anna’s heart.

At home, Maxie told Spinelli that they have a chance at their happily ever after. She told him that thought her feelings for him were platonic, but watching Felicia with Mac made her realize she had been running away from him. "Consider my mind blown," he replied. Unfortunately, then he told her that he couldn’t wait for her anymore and had made a decision to move on with Ellie. He then added how wonderful and unexpected Ellie is and he how he likes her. Maxie said that she likes her too, but that she loves Spinelli. He replied that he wasn’t sure Maxie would still want him in a year when she was drawn to someone else unattainable. He then told Maxie that he had slept with Ellie and had promised her that she could trust him. Maxie didn’t think Spinelli wanted Ellie more than her but he replied that he didn’t want to hurt her. Maxie then left in tears. Later, Ellie arrived and just wanted to cuddle with Spinelli on the couch.

At The Haunted Star, Lulu told Dante about Olivia’s vision and that she and Robert were trying to figure out who she saw now, but Olivia was more concerned about the baby. She then told Dante that Olivia offered to pay for the surrogacy. Dante replied that Sonny also offered to pay. Lulu then asked Dante if he was okay with that and he replied that he really thought Sonny wanted to do something good for his family. Dante then added that it will be tricky between him and Sonny forever, but that he was okay with letting him help them this once if Lulu was. He then got a call and headed to the Quartermaine’s. Later, Maxie arrived in tears and told Lulu that Spinelli picked Ellie.

At the penthouse AJ realized Michael was fine and that Tracy had set him up to get him back in jail. Michael wanted AJ to stay while he headed Tracy off, but Sam refused to let him. Then, Michael begged her to help him and she gave him 30 minutes. AJ thanked her too but she hoped Tracy’s plan worked. Sam then told AJ that he and Jason were brothers in name only and that Jason would hate that he was using Michael. He replied that he just wanted to make amends with Michael and wished he could have had that with Jason. She then assured him that Jason was coming back to her and their son. AJ was shocked and begged to see the baby. She brought the baby down and AJ was happy for her and said that he really hoped Jason was alive and comes back. He then asked to hold the baby and told Sam that it would mean a lot if he could hold his brother’s son.

At the mansion Monica asked Tracy where AJ was. Tracy kicked his ankle monitor under the couch but Monica found it. Tracy feigned concern, but then said that AJ was always a disappointment. Then, Monica realized that Tracy had something to do with AJ’s disappearance. Then, Dante arrived for AJ and was about to put out an APB when Michael walked in and told them what Tracy had done and begged to just bring AJ home. Dante tried to convince Michael not to violate his parole and let AJ drag him down but Michael brought up the fact that Dante had lied to save Sonny from prison. Dante didn’t want Michael in that same position and asked again where AJ was. Tracy then spoke up that he was at Sam and Jason’s place, that AJ was going to jail and when he did the house will go on the auction block and Tracy would be able to buy it and finally evict Monica.

Dante came to the penthouse and arrested AJ. As he left AJ told Sam that she and Danny would always have a friend in him if they wanted one.

Olivia and Elizabeth finished the sketch at the hospital. Elizabeth and Robert were shocked at the sketch of Faison. Robert explained that he was a master spy and that Robert thought he was dead but they never found the body. He then added that Faison was fixated on Anna. Olivia replied that she just saw what was there and Robert thinks maybe Lavery really is Faison since Anna despises him and the psycho may be using a different face to get close to her. Robert then wanted to call Anna to warn her but realized that she might not believe him and worse, tell Lavery his suspicions. He realized that he can’t afford to tip Faison off and needed more proof and said that if Anna wouldn’t come to him on his time table he would just take her.

“Duke” and Anna kissed at his place and he wanted to take it into the bedroom but she wanted to slow down but he persisted. She told him that she wanted to have feelings for him but that it was hard to put into words what was wrong. He then assured her that they could be happy again if she was willing. She then said that she thought he was the same but different all at once. He replied that he hoped he had not fought his way back to her for nothing. Then, she asked for more time and kissed him again before she left. “Duke” then said that he knew that they would be together in the end.

John visited Sam at the penthouse. She told him that she didn’t believe Jason was dead and wanted to go with the clues. He replied that she should be logical and suggested that she go for a walk in the park with Danny. She got upset and told him that she didn’t need him to stand in for Jason, that he should concentrate on his own family and leave hers alone.

Starr was staying with Michael and asked if it was awkward since they have not done it yet. He replied that he wanted to wait until they were ready. Meanwhile, he told her that he wanted a relationship with AJ but that his parents were convinced that AJ would just use him. Starr told him that what he thought was all that mattered.

Monica and Tracy bickered as Tracy plans to redecorate the mansion. Then, AJ walked in and told them that Diane was able to convince the judge to give him another shot because of Tracy’s stunt. Then, AJ and Tracy fought while a nurse came in. Monica interrupted and told Tracy that Edward was unresponsive and that she should spend her final moments with him. Tracy then refused to let AJ come with her but Monica encouraged him to go anyway. Instead AJ called Sam and Michael.

In Edward’s room, Tracy told him some good news to comfort him, including that she found her $18 million. Then, Monica came in and comforted Tracy as she grieved over Edward. Sam and Michael arrived with Danny and Tracy left the room. Michael told Edward how much he admired him. Sam describes Danny and revealed that Danny really was Jason’s son. Then, Edward reached his hand out and Danny grabbed his finger. Later, Sam apologized to Monica for not telling her sooner and told Monica that she wished Jason was there to say goodbye to Edward. Then, they left and Monica was alone with Edward.

Tracy listened in as AJ and Starr talked downstairs. He told her that if he could see Edward he would apologize for his drinking, of being jealous of Jason, for being a coward and now that he was determined to try and make things right Edward would never know. Then, Tracy walked in and told AJ to hurry and go see Edward.

AJ arrived at Edwards’ room but he was too late. AJ cries over his body. Then, Monica went downstairs to tell everyone that Edward passed and that he spoke one word clear as a bell before he died. Lila.

Robert visited Patrick at home and explained the story Luke told him to get off the bridge and why he missed Robin’s funeral. He added that he still couldn’t believe that Robin was gone. Patrick replied that he couldn’t either. Patrick then told Robert how Robin was so proud of him, and so was Emma since she thinks being a spy is pretty cool. Then, they hugged and Robert left to deliver a present to Emma in person at her school.

At Kelly’s Sonny wanted Alexis’ help getting AJ away from Michael. Alexis said she couldn’t help because Michael was an adult. Sonny replied that he refused to let AJ derail Michael’s life and that he couldn’t believe he and Connie can worked the system to their advantage like this. Then, Alexis left and Shawn encouraged Sonny not to drive Michael away and said he wished he could help. Sonny then asked if Shawn was bored running the diner and Shawn wondered what Sonny had in mind.

Carly walked into Todd’s office and was shocked to see Connie. Connie told her that she was not only co-owner of the building, but Crimson as well. Then, Todd arrived and agreed that she will be there for now. Carly pulled Todd outside and told him that AJ made bail and was turning Michael against her. Connie eavesdropped as Carly talked about killing AJ, but Todd told her that he didn’t want her to go to jail because he’d miss her. Then, Connie fell out from behind the door but said she just wanted their opinion on a leopard print thong but then said she would just ask Johnny. Carly then took the thong and began to strangle Connie with it. Todd broke it up and Connie took off while Todd held Carly back. Connie then got on the elevator and Shawn was inside. She wondered what he was grinning at.

Outside Kelly’s, John ran into Alexis. They told each other that they were both worried about Sam. John then told Alexis that he knew he owed her money but that his job in Llanview was gone. She told him that he needed to get one for the custody battle and Alexis hoped it was in Port Charles, “Whether Sam knew it or not, she needs you,” Alexis told John. Inside Sonny got a text from Shawn that “The bird is in the cage.”

Olivia and Steve went to Kelly’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Shawn overheard Olivia tell Steve that celebrating with Connie wasn’t possible and how horrible she felt about Sonny’s situation with her and Shawn told them not to count Kate out just yet. Olivia saw Heather delivering their food and freaks out, but it was really Shawn. Meanwhile, Heather was in disguise at the counter. Shawn delivered her a BLT and they discussed Edward’s death. Heather told Shawn that she knew Edward well then she ducked out of Kelly’s as Steve assured Olivia that Heather couldn’t hurt anyone ever again. Olivia then brought up AJ’s return from the dead and Steve came clean about what he and Monica did. Olivia just prayed that their actions didn’t come back to haunt them.

Sonny went to see Michael at home and told him that he was sorry about Edward and thought Michael might want to talk to his father. He asked Sonny not to turn Edward’s death into a contest between him and AJ. Sonny replied that he just wanted what was best for Michael. Michael then asked Sonny if he would have killed AJ to keep him away from him. Sonny didn’t reply so Michael had his answer. Michael then told Sonny that AJ never had a chance to be his father to him but Sonny said that he believed he was the better father and the best thing he ever did was raise him. Sonny then asked Michael if he wished AJ was around and if he wished Sonny hadn’t been? Michael replied that he just wanted to see AJ through the trial. Sonny advised him to keep his guard up. Michael then told Sonny that he was going to the Q’s for dinner. Sonny told him he had plans too but not to worry about him. Then, Sonny hugged him and told him that he loved him before he left.

At the Quartermaine mausoleum, Tracy told Alan that Edward was gone. “How will I do this alone?” she asked. Then, Ned appeared and hugged Tracy. He told her that he couldn’t believe that Edward was gone. Tracy then thought back to her wedding to Luke and Edward’s approval. Ned then told her that they’ll survive because they are Q’s. He hugged her again then left to go to the main house while Tracy stayed behind.

At the main house, Monica and AJ reminisced about Edward as condolences poured into the mansion. Alice interrupted because she couldn’t find Tracy, who put together a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to honor Edward but neither AJ nor Monica wanted a big dinner, but Monica didn’t want to fight Tracy about it. Alice then asked Monica to help her with the new scary cook. Once alone, AJ thought back on his time with Edward and ELQ. Then, the doorbell rang and AJ was excited to see Skye arrive. She was shocked that he was alive. She told him that she was trying to be a good mother and AJ told her that he wanted to try to be a good dad to Michael. Skye then introduced her daughter Lila Rae to her “grandma Monica,” who told Skye that she was glad she was there and that Edward and Alan would be too. Then, Ned walked in and wasn’t happy to see AJ and encouraged Lila Rae to escape.

Skye and Lila Rae visited the mausoleum but Tracy wasn’t happy to see Skye, who told Tracy that “blood does not make a family, love does.” Back at the main house, AJ offered his hand to Ned for a truce but Ned wasn’t having it. He then apologized to Monica for not being there more. She replied that she just wished they could all get along. Then, Tracy walked in and accused AJ of killing Edward. Monica assured her that she was the last one to see Edward alive. Ned stood up for Tracy but Monica sniped back. Then, Alice came in and asked if Skye is staying for Thanksgiving, but Tracy replied, “She absolutely is not!” Then, a fight broke out. Meanwhile, Heather broke into the mansion and started rifling through Edward’s desk. She found his will and looked it over then carelessly replaced it but Skye caught her before she left. Heather then pulled a knife on Skye and told her that no one was going anywhere. Meanwhile, Michael arrived and screamed for the Q’s to stop fighting. “Aren’t we here to honor great-grandfather?” he asked. Elsewhere, Skye screamed and Heather bid the Q’s a Happy Thanksgiving as she backed out of the house with Skye as her hostage. Then, suddenly, Alice appeared and knocked out Heather from behind much to AJ’s amusement. “It’s a traditional Q Thanksgiving after all!” proclaimed AJ. Steve and Olivia arrived as Heather was being hauled back to Ferncliff. Later, they all reminisced about their happy Thanksgiving memories from the past and toasted to Edward. Then, they realized the dinner had been ruined after Heather’s scuffle. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, Alice answered it and she found dozens of pizzas delivered despite the pizza parlor being closed. The ghost of Edward looked on as the Q’s sang as usual. Then, the ghosts of Edward and Lila went off together to heaven to renew their commitment to each other.

Sonny went to Kelly’s to talk turkey with Shawn. Shawn told him Connie wasn’t happy but that it was all under control now. Sonny then told Shawn that he was banking on Kate being home from Christmas.

In her cell, Heather babbled on that she knew something about Edward’s will that the Q’s didn’t know



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