‘General Hospital’ weekly recap – Week of 11/5-11/9

By Sari N. Kent,
Connie shared her pain with Johnny, Alan paid a few of his loved ones a visit, Carly saw a very much alive AJ and Robin saw Duke but did she?

Johnny grabbed a gun at home to go after Todd but Connie talked him down and told him that he could that to his “beloved Starr.” She then flirted with him but he pushed her off. Then, she told him that she didn’t think his problems growing up compared to Joe Jr. raping her. After talking for a bit, they then agreed to be nicer to each other. She then made him a peanut butter and tomato sandwich on white and he was surprised that he liked it.

AJ revealed himself to Carly at the pier. He shouted "Boo" and she was so scared that she tripped and knocked herself out on the pier. He wished that he could throw her in the harbor but he reminded himself that he wasn’t “that guy anymore.” Later, Sonny came by and Carly tried to convince him that AJ was alive but Sonny didn’t believe her even so she demanded that they go find him and he agreed to give her proof AJ was dead.

At the Quartermaine estate, Monica was worried that AJ went looking for Michael. Alice was worried Michael would then tell Sonny. They then heard Tracy and Luke come in talking about Duke as they got out of their costumes. They walked in on Alice and Monica just in time to see them sneaking out the back. They covered, but Tracy knew they were lying. Alice refused to let them sit down until they took off their rental costumes off and shooed them away. Monica was worried they knew they were up to something. They decided to wait for AJ and hoped that he didn’t go looking for Michael. Alone, Monica wished Alan was there and then his ghost appeared. She apologized to him for not telling him AJ was alive before he died. He assured her that she was strong enough to handle this. She then remembered the first time they had kissed but when she turned around he was gone.

In another room of the estate Tracy was determined to find out what was going on with Monica. “What if losing Jason knocked her last screw loose?” she asked Luke. Tracy even suspected AJ was like the man in the grim reaper costume at the party because he was rude and annoying like AJ. Meanwhile, Luke told Tracy that he knew “a crap cover story when he heard one,” referring to Duke’s story about being in a Turkish prison for two decades. He then told Tracy that he was going to Turkey to check out Duke’s story. He gave Tracy a kiss as he left and when she was alone, she broke down about her life and being alone. Alan’s ghost put his hand on her shoulder, but when she turned around no one was there.

At Starr’s place Michael told her he saw his biological father AJ. He added that he saw AJ being smothered, but supposedly he started breathing on his own in front of Monica. He also told Starr that AJ told him that he couldn’t stay away anymore once he heard about Jason. Michael then told Starr that AJ started telling him all of these crazy stories about Carly and Sonny, then begged him not to tell anyone he was alive because he wanted them to have a secret relationship. Michael wasn’t sure he can overlook what AJ had done to him in the past and considered turning him in because he couldn’t risk AJ being free and hurting someone. He called Dante, but at the last second, changed his mind and acted like he was calling Lulu to thank her. Michael then told Starr that he couldn’t do it and that their moment to have sex has passed. They shared some ice cream instead.

Anna congratulated Duke on his return to the workforce as he cleans up the bar at The Haunted Star. She told him that she wanted Luke to understand that his badgering was unattractive. Duke replied that he understood why Luke would want to protect her from him. He then asked Anna to dance and lead her in a tango, just like the one they did when they were younger. Then they kissed passionately but she broke away. He wanted her to come home with him but she thought it was too soon. He was fine with that because he said that they have the rest of their lives.

AJ arrived at the Quartermaine crypt where he saw his name. “At least I’m in good company,” he said. He then told Alan that he wished that he could have made him proud. Then, Alan’s ghost appeared and told him how much he loved him. AJ apologized to Alan and told him that he never deserved his love. AJ then told Alan that he would honor his memory and make him proud of him. Alan then told AJ that gaining Michael’s trust would be the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. Suddenly, Carly and Sonny walked up so AJ hid in the shadows. Sonny offered to have Max and Milo open the crypt but Carly relented and agreed she was seeing things. Sonny then assured her AJ would never get his hooks into Michael again.

Back at the pier, Carly was satisfied that AJ was gone and not coming back.

AJ returned to the mansion and assured Monica that he wasn’t going anywhere while Alan’s ghost looked on.

At her old apartment Maxie told Trey and Starr she was moving back in. She had them call heads or tails and Trey was the one who had to pack it up. Starr then refused to stay if Trey had to go. Together they packed up but neither one of them knew where they were going.

Anna visited Patrick and Emma at home for her birthday. Anna remembered a moment between Duke and Robin when she was a child. It was Emma’s first birthday without Robin. Patrick wondered if Duke had helped and Anna recalled what a great dad he had been to Robin, but told Patrick that it was difficult to process that he was back. She then asked Patrick about his date and assured him that Robin would have wanted him to be happy. Anna then told him that she supported him if he wanted to have a relationship. Emma came back with a video from last year’s birthday. On it Robin gave Emma a special message. Later, Duke called Anna and asked her to come To the Haunted Star.

Elizabeth and Sabrina got ready for work in the on call room and talked about the Nurse’s Ball. Elizabeth told her that she hadn’t thought of it for years and how Robin was so determined to find a cure for AIDS. She then told Sabrina about Lucy Coe’s wardrobe malfunctions and how she had to perform once with Emily Quartermaine and Juan Santiago. It turned out that Juan was Sabrina’s cousin and he convinced her to apply at General Hospital. Elizabeth then told Sabrina that the last Nurses’ Ball was in 2001 and it was sad there will never be another one and that it was hard work but everyone loved it. Sabrina thought the board might bring it back but Elizabeth thought they would to come up with other way to remember Robin.

At The Haunted Star, Duke hoped Lulu wouldn’t help Luke turn Anna against him. She told him that had nothing to hide if he didn’t. Dante arrived and then Duke asked about the second shooter but Dante told him that he wasn’t at liberty to discuss the case. Later, Dante surprised Lulu with an application for an adoption agency. They hugged at the idea of having a baby but grimaced when they realized they have to discuss their family history. They filled out the application accurately but after Dante left Lulu deleted all of their answers and started over. Meanwhile Duke got a call from Dr. Obrecht telling him that Robin was getting stronger and more difficult to control. He then booked a flight to Zurich. Anna arrived and Duke told her that he had to go to Washington to be debriefed, which she found odd on Election Day. She shared her sadness about Robin with him and he held her hand.

At the pier, John told Sam that Jerry was behind Joe Jr’s release. If Joe Jr. helped Jerry, Sam wondered if Jerry was the second shooter and was holding Jason. She thought they just needed to follow the money to get to them. John didn’t Jerry would risk coming back to kill Sonny’s accountant and that someone else was working with Joe Jr. and had a much bigger agenda than Sonny’s money. She begged him to help her but he told her that had no authority. “Neither do I, but I have hope,” she told John, who pleaded with her not to do anything stupid because the second shooter is obviously dangerous and right now Danny needs her more than ever. She then told him that if he wasn’t going to help her she would find someone else who would. Then, he assured her that he would be there when she needed him.

In the hospital break room, Ellie and Spinelli discussed the Halloween party. She thought it was sweet of him to dance with Maxie. While she was talking he recalled dancing with Maxie. When he paid attention again Ellie was talking about how she stuck with what is safe and joked about needing an investigator to help find her an apartment. Spinelli then replied that he too was homeless since he moved out from Maxie’s place. She told him that she hadn’t realized they had lived together. He then got a call from Sam, who asked for his help with her lead on Jason. Later, Maxie arrived with a flier for a new roommate. Ellie said she would be her new roommate!

Robin exited her room at the Swiss clinic but Dr. Obrecht stopped her. Robin was strong now and told Dr. Obrecht that it was time for her to go home to see her family because she was worried that Emma had forgotten her. Later, Robin knocked out the doctor and grabbed her phone.

Sabrina visited Patrick at home with a birthday gift for Emma. Inside, Emma answered a call from Robin.

At the pier Michael asked Carly how the feud between her and AJ began and that someone told him that she had drugged AJ. She admitted she did it, that she stupidly slept with a drunk AJ, but she was in love with Tony Jones, her mother’s husband, so she made sure AJ was sent to rehab by drugging him. She then added that she was “a different person then” who was selfish and scared and that she’s still paying for all she did. Michael then told Carly that he thought AJ had paid for it more and that maybe he really wanted to really be his father. She denied that and told Michael that AJ never wanted to be a father to him. She then there was no point in talking about it now because AJ was gone. Michael then replied that AJ wasn’t gone but when she pushed for him to elaborate he ran off.

Todd visited Starr at home and realizes she was moving as she packs. He offered to get Diane to help and Starr gave him hell about the baby switching charges. She told him that she wished that she didn’t know the truth about that despite begging him for it and how she hated lying to Michael. Todd guessed Michael had a secret of his own but Starr put him off saying that it was none of his business. Todd offered her a place to stay but she refused. He then left when Carly called and told him that she needed him. Then, Michael came in and told Starr that he saw his mom and accidentally told her AJ was alive.

Todd met Carly at the pier. She told him that she needed to talk about Michael and his not-so-dead dad AJ.

At the hospital Ellie tried to convince Maxie that she was the right roommate for her but Maxie was uncomfortable with the idea. Spinelli overhears. He had to reschedule a date with Ellie for work and said he thought them moving in together was a terrible idea. But, Maxie made up her mind and told Ellie that the room was hers. Spinelli thought this might be something Ellie would regret later, which offended Ellie, who was just glad that they would all be able to see each other more.

Monica tried to rush Tracy out the door at the Quartermaine mansion for a trip with Edward to Niagara Falls. Tracy was worried about Monica because she hadn’t left the house since Jason died. Monica protested and Tracy left. Then, AJ came in and admitted that he saw Michael. Monica was worried that Michael would tell someone. But, AJ told her that he had confidence in Michael, but not Carly, who he saw her at the pier too but Sonny convinced her that she was just seeing things. He then promised Monica not to take any more chances but Monica wasn’t so sure. She begged him to leave Port Charles while he still could be he told her that he wouldn’t. “My home is here with his son,” he told Monica. Suddenly, Tracy returned and saw them. She was totally floored!

From the Swiss clinic Robin called Emma and told her that she wasn’t in heaven and ran off as Dr. Obrecht woke up. She locked herself in a room and asked Emma to get Patrick very fast. Robin tried to hold off the doctor and orderlies as she waited for Patrick to get on the phone.

Sabrina came by Patrick’s with a birthday gift for Emma. She sensed something was wrong and he admitted that it had been a tough day. They went inside and Emma told them that Robin was on the phone but Patrick didn’t believe her. Finally he picks up her toy phone but Emma corrected him saying that Robin was on the other phone. He pretended to talk to Robin for Emma as Dr. Obrecht listened. Then, he hung up. Emma opened up her gift, which was a medical set and then she left to play with it in her room. Patrick was distracted since when he picked up the phone there was no dial tone yet someone was on the other end of the line. Sabrina told him to dial *69 but it was a blocked number.

Dr. Obrecht chastised Robin for calling home. Robin told the doctor that she had talked to her daughter and Emma now knows that she’s alive. She added that she will get through to Patrick and that he would come for her. But, Dr. Obrecht taunted Robin and told her that Patrick thought Emma was just pretending and that he won’t be coming for her.

Lulu arrived at home and Dante told her a social worker from the adoption agency was coming over now. She flashed back to completing the application for the "perfect family." When Dante assured her that it would be okay, after all they know everything about her crazy mother and his criminal father, then she confessed that she fudged the application.

Much to Sonny's surprise, Diane walked into the courtroom late and ready to represent Connie against Trey's petition to have her committed. On the stand, Sonny denied that he coerced Trey and said that he just wanted Trey to have a relationship with his mother. Diane then accused Sonny of wanting payback for being jilted at the altar. Then, Connie took the stand and yelled that because Sonny didn't get what he wanted he stooped low as to get Trey to have her committed. Later, Alexis confronted Johnny on marrying Connie to keep Kate from getting the help she needs. She then asked him what he was getting in return for marrying Connie and prodded him to unburden his guilty conscience. He replied that his and Connie’s was an "everlasting love' and denied that his wife had anything on him. Later, on the stand Trey told the court that his mom was sick and needed help before they could have a relationship. Connie whispered to Johnny and Diane that Trey may have softened the judge up with his sob story, but not to worry because she had an ace in the hole. Later, Diane asked the judge to have Trey's petition dismissed on the grounds that Connie Louise Falconieri is a real person and that Kate Howard is the actual alter.

Carly and Todd talked on the pier. She revealed her suspicions that AJ may not be dead and confessed that in desperation to stop AJ from finding out he was Michael's father, she drugged him, poured vodka on him and shoved him in a corner so that he would have to go to rehab. She added that she was worried that Michael's faith in her was shaken because he felt that she never gave AJ a chance to be a father to him. She then speculated that Monica probably told Michael about what she did to AJ. Later, she told Todd she thought she saw AJ on the pier after she left his place. Todd replied that must be Michael's secret. Later, Carly thanked Todd and he told her he likes being her friend and hopes she'll one day ruin that friendship by sleeping with him. Silently she walked away from the pier.]

Amid all the packed boxes at home, Michael frantically confessed to Starr that he slipped about AJ being alive to his mom. He then added that he was upset that Carly admitted to drugging AJ and setting him up to think he was drinking and that AJ never had a chance to be a father because maybe he wanted to. Michael couldn’t understand how Sonny could threaten AJ by hanging him on a meat hook, using his alcoholism against him and threatening to stage a drunken driving accident all to get him to sign over his parental rights. Michael then said that if AJ was lying he wouldn’t trust him, but if he wasn’t then he owes it him to listen. Starr tried to be supportive as Michael admitted that his mother isn’t the most truthful person. He recalled to Starr about when AJ kidnapped him, Morgan and Christina. He said AJ didn't start this and as he got up to leave Starr stopped him. Later, they kissed and Michael said that he knew he could trust her and left.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy saw AJ with Monica and told him that he can't even die properly. They shouted and Tracy was incensed that AJ shot Alan in the back. Monica then admitted to saving AJ and told Tracy to keep quiet. As Tracy called Dante, Alice snuck up on her and put Tracy in a sleeper hold. As Tracy lie on the floor, Monica picked up the phone and told Dante that the "fugitive" was an escaped horse from the barn. Tracy lay unconscious on the floor as Alice, AJ and Monica wondered what to do they only had about fifteen minutes before she woke up. Todd arrived and asked Starr point blank if Michael's secret was that AJ was alive. Carly arrived and confronted Monica, asking her where AJ was.

Then, Michael knocked on the Quartermaine boathouse, calling for AJ as Alice and AJ placed an unconscious Tracy inside.

Back at Lulu’s, a distracted Dante said that they'll just revise and correct the application, when the phone rang. It was Tracy Quartermaine saying that she'd like to report a fugitive. Later, Dante hung up with Monica and asked Lulu to tell him everything so their stories were straight, but the social worker knocked on the door. The interview began and an incredulous Dante found out that Lulu listed Luke as joining the Rwandan Peace Corps, that Laura was a psychiatrist at a mental health facility and, that Sonny revolutionized the coffee industry with his single serve coffee invention. When talk turned to Dante's mother, the social worker angrily confronted them on their lies. The social worker then busted Lulu and Dante for lying about their family history. Lulu apologized, but she was sure if she didn’t lie, then they never would have even gotten the interview. Dante defended Lulu’s actions and begged for another chance to make this right but the social worker told them it was too late and they would be rejected by every adoption agency on their list. She left and Lulu was devastated. “There is no way we can be parents,” she told Dante but he replied, “Maybe there is.”

In court, Diane explained to the judge that Kate was the alter and Connie was the true and original person. Alexis disputed this but Diane told him that the rape caused Connie’s psyche to fracture, creating Kate. Alexis tried to dispute this with Keenan’s medical report, but it was shot down due to his criminal activities. Diane then called another doctor to the stand who gave her diagnosis in favor of Connie. Sonny whispered something to Alexis and then they changed tactics. If this was really Connie, then they need to hold her for double homicide of Hope and Cole. Stricken, Connie jumped up and said that she had never fired a gun in her life! Then, a fight broke out over it and the judge demanded order. He then denied Trey’s petition and Connie and Johnny left to celebrate. Sonny seemed defeated and devastated.
AJ and Alice got Tracy to the boathouse as Michael started knocking outside. AJ met Michael outside. Michael admitted that he told Starr that he was alive but assured AJ that she wouldn’t tell, but then he confessed that he also told Carly. Michael told AJ that he asked her if she had drugged AJ. AJ was shocked to learn that she told Michael the truth. Inside, Alice shoved a cloth in Tracy’s mouth when she woke up. Later they struggled and make some noise but soon Alice came out and told them she got the canoe up. Then, she shooed them off to the house.

Carly walked in on Monica at the mansion and demanded to know where AJ is. Monica was outraged and called her crazy. Carly then asked if Michael was crazy too, because he also thought AJ was alive and that he had specific questions about the time she drugged AJ. “So who told him about it?,” Carly asked Monica, who claimed to have told Michael and she added that she should have told him sooner so he would know that his mother is a conniving bitch. Then, they blamed each other for how AJ turned out then Carly demanded to look around. When she came out after her search she ran right into AJ.

Mac visited Anna at work. She told him that she had the feeling that something was right in her face and she couldn’t put her finger on it. He asked if she meant a case or Duke. She told him that she was upset because Luke thinks Duke is hiding something. She then admitted that she has recurring feelings for Duke and was confused since Duke was a huge part of her and Robin’s life and part of her thinks she should be with him to honor her. Mac then left a present for Emma – The Little Prince.
Duke arrived at the Swiss clinic. Dr. Obrecht emerged from Robin’s room and he was livid that she let Robin get to a phone because now he has to change his plans.

In her room Robin tried to break her binds when suddenly Duke was thrown in the room, tied up and struggling. She recognized him and he acted like he was just recognizing her too. He told her that he was in Port Charles and everyone thinks that she’s is dead. He then told heard a rumor in Washington that she was alive and came here to find her. She called him her hero, like her favorite book The Little Prince but he didn’t remember, which surprised Robin. Then, she asked if he remembered the first meal they made together - spaghetti and meatballs. He did, but she then said that she was lying…it was pizza. He was mad and replied, “You were always too smart for your own good.” Then, whoever it was took off his Duke mask and Robin was horrified.



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