‘Glass House’ producers suing CBS over ‘litigation equivalent of war’

By Daniel S Levine,

The legal battle between CBS and ABC over the Glass House reality show goes on, as the show’s producers are now filing a suit against CBS over harassment.

Over the summer, CBS and ABC had engaged in a legal battle over Glass House, which CBS said was a direct copy of Big Brother and went after the show’s producers, many of whom were former Big Brother staffers. ABC’s show was allowed to premiere, despite CBS’ attempts to block it and the show earned awful ratings. CBS then decided to drop the suit against the network, but said it would continue taking action against the staffers.

CBS said that they had violated confidentiality agreements and that they would take action against the producers in arbitration.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Glass House producers Kenny Rosen and Michael O'Sullivan, along with ABC vp alternative programming Corie Henson, are fighting back with a new lawsuit.

They claim that the arbitration proceedings are “litigation equivalent of war” and that it is “...part of its campaign to prevent, or at the very least, disrupt and harass, the production of a new reality show The Glass House.”

They also say in the suit that CBS was seeking $1 million in damages.

E! News reports that CBS has responded to the suit in a statement, calling it “simply an attempt to delay the inevitable arbitration proceeding.”

CBS is “confident in our position that there has been a violation of signed, written confidentiality agreements, and we will look forward to a determination of that matter by the arbitration panel.”

Rosen, O’Sullivan and Henson are hoping that a judge will just put an end to the entire legal battle.

Glass House aired over the summer and drew poor ratings from the start.



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