Glee Recap: 'Glease'

By Samantha Vélez,
Glee is the word

In the sixth episode of season four of Glee, usually a mash-up episode, New Directions is doing the school musical. The gang is doing Grease, with newcomers Ryder Lynn as Danny and Marley Rose as Sandy.

First of all, Will reveals to the entire group that he is joining a blue ribbon panel to rewrite arts curriculum nation-wide. He won’t be back until after Sectionals. Meanwhile, Finn will be leading New Directions even though he’s not a teacher, a fact that continually bothers Sue.

Six-hundred miles away in New York, Rachel is in dance class telling Brody that she has her first off-Broadway audition coming up for The Glass Menagerie. Cassandra overhears this conversation and tells Rachel she isn’t cut out for the part of Laura and is further insulted when Rachel suggests that Cassandra should try out for Amanda.

During dress rehearsals Kitty keeps taking in Marley’s costume without anyone noticing. Perplexed, Marley thinks she is gaining weight. Kitty then invites the girls in the play for a sleep over at her house. The girls go into a rendition of “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee,” with Kitty singing Rizzo’s part. It’s almost a complete copy of the scene in the movie, with Kitty’s bedroom set dressed the same. In this version, instead of Frenchy taking Sandy into the bathroom to pierce her ears, Kitty takes Marley into the bathroom and tells her that if she’s worried about gaining weight she should purge by making herself vomit.

The boys have to rehearse “Grease Lightnin” in Burt’s tire shop because Sue reserved the school auditorium for the Cheerios in a move to spite Finn. The tire shop is the perfect stage for this song. It’s another imitation of the scene in the movie, with the T-Birds surrounding a beat-up old car that transforms into a supped up classic in their minds.

Sue tries to sabotage the Finn again by supporting Wade’s parents who want to pull him out of the play. Rather than being her usually mean condescending self Sue actually seems sincerely worried about Wade’s welfare. After having seen Wade physically assaulted in the hallway for cross-dressing she worries that he will be targeted for playing the female part of Rizzo. When Wade drops out Finn calls Santana to stand in.

Kurt and Rachel want to make a trip to Ohio to see the play but can’t afford it. Cassandra overhears their dilemma and offers them her JetBlue miles (she’s been banned from the airline after an incident involving bloody mary’s and the hospitalization of three flight attendants). At the opening night of the play, Kurt and Rachel are excited to be there until they run into Finn and Blaine, their respective ex-boyfriends. Everyone agrees that the tension is pretty weird but they sit down and watch the play anyway.

After finding that her costume is once again too small Marley rushes to the bathroom to purge and is caught by Ryder. Ryder convinces her to stop by telling her a story about his cousin who took laxatives to lose weight for a wrestling match. Long story short: he crapped himself in front of his entire school. He also tells her that he doesn’t want to kiss a girl with puke breath, either onstage or later.

On stage Blaine performs “Beauty School Dropout” and does a great job as Teen Angel, originally played by Frankie Avalon in the movie. He and Kurt exchange awkward glances. Santana performs “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” while thinking about her breakup with Brittany. Her scene is intercut with Wade sadly singing in the audience and to Cassandra and Brody dancing together. Cassandra asked Brody to be her teaching assistant but uses their time together to come onto him. We see them kissing on top of a piano.

It’s finally time for the closing number of Grease, “You’re the One That I Want,” in which Sandy wears a skintight leather costume. Backstage, Marley is way too nervous to go on and self-conscious about her outfit. Ryder is there to console her and tell her that she looks amazing. When she still doesn’t calm down he kisses her and we can see Jake looking at them.

While the cast sings on stage, Rachel imagines that she and Finn are playing Danny and Sandy. In her imagination, Kurt and Blaine are dancing together as T-Birds, Mike and Tina and Brittany and Santana are dancing together, all mouthing the words, “You’re the one that I want.” She emotionally leaves for the bathroom where she tries to call Brody. Cassandra answers the phone and rubs it in her face that she is spending the night with Brody.

Rachel runs into Finn in the hallway and he can tell she has been crying. He tries to cheer her up but when he realizes she is crying about another guy, he is hurt that she has moved on so quickly. He asks that they have zero contact and he doesn’t want to know about it when she comes home from school. Blaine tries to talk to Kurt, but Kurt doesn’t want to hear it. He can’t trust Blaine anymore and Kurt and Rachel agree that Lima isn’t their home anymore.

New Directions convene in the choir room where Artie reads aloud a raving review by a student and Finn reassures Will that they will kill it at Sectionals.



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