'Glee' Recap: 'Thanksgiving'

By Samantha Vélez,
An orphan's Thanksgiving and Sectionals

This week’s Glee is a holiday episode celebrating Thanksgiving and the Sectionals episode of season four. It will be the first competition for the new members of the New directions.

The episode opens with the McKinley graduates Quinn, Puck, Mercedes, Mike, and Finn singing a mash up of “Homeward Bound” and “Home” in the auditorium. They all promised they would reunite for the holidays and here they are.

After catching up at Breadsticks, Finn asks them if they will mentor the new members of the glee club. He pairs Puck and Jake, Quinn and Kitty, Santana and Marley, Wade and Mercedes, and Mike and Ryder together. Finn then reveals that his game plan for Sectionals is a duet with Marley and Blaine and a showstopper dance number using “Gangnam Style.” It will be a hard dance to pull off but believes they can do it with Brittany and a male dance lead.

Jake confesses to Ryder that he and Marley went out last Friday night. Ryder is understanding and respects his relationship with Marley but asks that he not accept the dance lead for “Gangnam Style.” Jake agrees and even works with Ryder to improve his dance moves.

Meanwhile, the “unholy trinity” (of Santana, Quinn and Brittany) show the girls of glee how to be individuals but also synchronized. They perform “Come See About Me” as an example. Santana notices that Marley looks like she’s going to vomit and Marley excuses herself from the room.

Kitty is surprisingly excited to have Quinn for a mentor. She tells Quinn that she’s a Cheerios legend and that she always asks herself WWQFD?, which stands for What would Quinn Fabray Do? When Quinn asks what’s up with Marley, Kitty fabricates a lie, saying that Jake is pressuring her to have sex.

As Marley’s mentor, Santana goes through her bag and finds laxatives, which were actually given to her by Kitty. Santana confronts Quinn about it but Quinn pins it on Jake and accuses Santana of projecting her jealousy of Quinn on the situation. The argument ends in both of them slapping each other, which is interrupted by Brittany walking into the room and comically ends with Santana saying, “Quinn always was a genius slapper.”

Kurt and Rachel have decided to stay in New York for the holiday and have an “orphan’s Thanksgiving.” Cassandra isn’t in Dance 101 so Brody teaches the class. Rachel, not wanting to see him, almost leaves but he talks her into staying and says he won’t sleep with Cassandra again if it bothers her. He offers to go to her apartment and cook Thanksgiving dinner.

At Sectionals, being held on Thanksgiving this year, the Warblers perform first. First they do “Whistle” (Flo Rida), leading with their new captain Hunter Clarington. Sebastian then leads them in “Live While We’re Young” (One Direction). All the while they do the elaborate flips and dance moves they are known for. Meanwhile, Will takes his seat in the audience next to Emma. He was actually able to make it in time from Washington. Next up is the Rosedale Mennonites, who do a surprisingly good job with “Over the River and Through the Wood” and “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.”

Isabelle, invited by Kurt, shows up to dinner with an entourage of New York drag queens. Isabelle explains that she’s late because she stopped by the opening of a new club and breaks into a mash up of “Let’s Have a Kiki” and “Turkey Lurkey Time,” resulting in a fun dance party in the small apartment. New Directions is about to go on stage but Kurt takes the time to call Blaine. He confesses that he isn’t ready to forgive him yet but cannot stand not talking to his best friend. They agree to see each other at Christmas and have a heart-to-heart.

Backstage, Marley nearly has a panic attack. She feels too much pressure, is sweating like crazy, and probably hasn’t eaten. Jake tries to calm her down and Ryder insists that Jake take the dance lead to give the group its best chance at winning. Jake agrees and the group performs “Gangnam Style” with Tina leading. Sam even comes out wearing PSY’s trademark glasses. The number goes really well with the group imitating the dance moves from the song’s music video and singing the Korean lyrics. However, before they can start their next song, Marley passes out on stage. The episode cuts to black and we won’t know what happens until next week.



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