‘Gossip Girl’ Recap: Monstrous Ball

By Freda Eang,

With no orders coming in for her mother’s company, Blair is determined to leave a mark at the Cotillion this week to salvage it. She enlists the help of Sage to advertise Waldorf designs, but is immediately shot down as Sage claims she has better clothes to wear. It’s not until she realizes that her dad is about to propose to Serena does Sage come crawling back to ask for Blair’s help. The two make a deal and all is in motion for impeding Steven’s proposal to Serena.

The gang all find themselves once again crossing paths at the Cotillion (excluding Chuck as he’s still trying to take Bart down). I can understand why Blair and Serena are there, as well as Nate (since he is Sage’s date), but why are Dan and Georgina there? Seeing Serena appear despite using her dad’s phone to uninvite her, Sage takes matters into her own hands. She steals Georgina’s phone and puts the sex recording of Dan and Serena to play in front of everyone. Her dad as a result doesn’t go through with his proposal, but many other relationships are ruined in the process as well – including the one Sage has with Nate.

Blair and Serena had patched up earlier, but after the video, their friendship breaks once more. The same goes for Dan and Blair (since Dan is still madly in love with her) as Blair is horrified that he cheated on her when they were still together. Angry at Blair for putting all the blame on him, Dan says some hurtful words in the process, “You didn’t choose anyone.” As Blair waits to finally reunite with Chuck, he delivers news that he needs more time as his plan did not work out (I can’t believe he’s working with Ivy). Saddened by the news, things only get worse when Darota tells Blair that her mother is planning to come back to New York to fix the companies problems. From the looks of this episode, Dan might be releasing another part of his “I Hate my Friends and Family” articles.

We’ll just have to see whose next on his list of victims. How did everyone else feel about this week’s episode? Just 5 more left till the end.

Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 9pm on the CW.



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