‘Gossip Girl’ Recap: Portrait of a Lady Alexander

By Freda Eang,

Golden boy, Nate Archibald is the victim of Dan’s destructive path to no friends or family this week. After putting the blast about Rufus and Ivy’s relationship to the forefront, the article on Nate causes a stir in Serena’s relationship with Steven because Steven was unaware that Serena had dated Nate before.

Not wanting to be caught off guard in the near future by Dan’s blast on Serena, Steven requests Serena to tell him about everyone she has dated before him. He obviously would do the same, but the situation does get quite awkward when you forget to mention that you slept with your girlfriend’s mother in the not so distance past. A Spectator blast from Nate and Ivy causes even more commotion than the one Dan put out through Vanity Fair, especially when both Lily and Serena are in public eye view.

The Upper-East Siders all find themselves crossing paths at a horse race, but for different agendas. Blair is there with Chuck in order to help him investigate more on Bart’s time in Dubai (they discovered that Bart had bought a horse named Lady Alexander). Lily tagged along with Chuck and Blair believing that Chuck will finally make peace with his father. Bart follows the group because of his suspicions about Chuck. Sage, Nate, Serena, and Steven are there as a group as it gives a chance for Steven to get to know his daughter’s boyfriend.

Amongst the crazy scandals that frequently occur on a weekly basis on Gossip Girl, the episode concludes with Dan appearing at Blair’s place as he has no other place to go. He bluntly tells Blair that he really needs her to be his friend by letting him crash at her place for awhile, which she still is as she tells him to stay in Serena’s old room. Speaking of Serena, we find out that she had not deleted the video of her and Dan doing the deed until now. Too bad it’s a little too late as Georgina already stored a copy of it in her phone. Oh S, why did you still have that video? Don’t you know it’s never safe to leave that kind of stuff on your phone?

Final Thoughts: There are just 6 more episodes to the season finale. I’m hoping next week will reveal more about who’s Gossip Girl. As for the Bart and Chuck storyline, I’m curious to know if Chuck is going to turn his father in to take back the company. It’s a possibility as stabbing family members in the back seem like a trend in this show. Any predictions of what’s to come?

Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 9pm on the CW.



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