‘Grimm’ Recap: To Protect and Serve Man

By Freda Eang,

Hank takes center stage in this week’s episode of Grimm as he realizes a case he worked on in the past could have had Wesen involved. He asks Nick to poke around with him because the guy he arrested years ago is about to get the death penalty. As the two reviews the case and go over everything the suspect had said, they come to realize that the two brothers involved in the case were a type of Wesen known as Wendigo. These Wendigos are not the friendliest of the bunch as they are cannibals.

The guy being put on death penalty therefore should be released as he had killed one of the brothers in self-defense and not murder. But how do Hank and Nick clear his name before the death penalty is given to him in a matter of hours? Well, it wasn’t easy, but they had to find the remains (bones) of the Wendigo’s previous victims. Unfortunately, when Hank and Nick go back to where the brothers used to live, their house has been turned into a supermarket. The two of them initially wanted to look underneath the floors of the brother’s living room, but it’s going to be more difficult with the current situation.

Without a warrant to dig into the supermarket’s ground, Hank and Nick decide to take another approach to the matter. They decide to seek out the living location of the remaining brother to see if they can find clues there. When the two get to his house, no one is home, but the brother does return home eventually. Seeing Hank and Nick again (they met earlier at his work place), he goes into crazy overdrive. Hank and the brother get into a fight and in the end Hank is forced to shoot him in self-defense. After this incident, Hank was able to get the guy he arrested a retrial as new evidence (the bones in the ground of the supermarket) proves that he was justified to kill the already dead brother.

The episode concludes with Renard bringing Juliette to see Monroe with him at Rosalee’s shop. Monroe knew Renard was bringing the person he is obsessing over, but it never crossed his mind that it was Juliette. Renard and Juliette seems highly attached to one another as they could not keep their distance (the continuous kissing).

Final Thoughts: I’m glad that Hank was able to save an innocent man from getting the death penalty this week. His involvement with Nick and his Grimm life has been quite positive and I hope to see it continue to grow. With that in mind, Adalind is making a comeback next week and I wonder how Nick will tell Hank about her being a Hexenbiest. Likewise, I’m curious to know how Monroe will keep Juliette’s affair with Renard low-key. Nick is bound to find out that Juliette is in love with someone else. Any predictions for the fall finale?

Grimm airs Fridays at 10pm on NBC.



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