Guy Fieri restaurant rage spoof doesn't air on 'Saturday Night Live' (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Saturday Night Live fans were reportedly not treated to a Guy Fieri spoof which was performed but did not air.

According to The Wrap, Bobby Moynihan returned to play the fired up restaurant owner, who went off on a New York Times critic for slamming his NYC restaurant.

The Times slammed everything from beverages to main course to the decor to which Guy went off on during an interview on Today.

Bobby takes on full Guy character with Seth Meyers during the “Weekend Update,” reading the review saying it must be “off the chains” before saying, "Oh no, oh no…That's not off the chain. That's very much on the chain."

Meyers quips, "You didn't think they'd like your restaurant, did you?”

"No," Fieri/Bobby shoots back. "But did they think they would like it? I mean, I wear flames on my shirt, and I don't bleach my roots ... I don't look like high-society chef, Seth. I look like I'm playing the Sun in a school play."

According to the report, the cast ran through the skit during dress rehearsal, but in the end the section didn’t make the cut.
Check out the video. Do you think SNL should have aired Guy’s spoofed-rage?



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