Halle Berry rushing to court for restraining order against Gabriel Aubry following Thanksgiving fight

By Daniel S Levine,

Halle Berry is making sure that what happened on Thanksgiving between Gabriel Aubry and her fiance Olivier Martinez never happens again. The Oscar-winning actress is reportedly rushing to court early this week to get a restraining order.

On Thanksgiving, Aubry and Martinez came to blows, leaving both men injured. Aubry, whose face was bruised, was arrested Thursday after the fight, but was later released. An emergency order was issued to keep him 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and Nahla. Aubry came to Berry’s house to drop off Nahla, their 4-year-old daughter.

Sources told TMZ Sunday that Berry is worried that Aubry would start a fight right in front of Nahla and the emergency order only lasts until Tuesday.

Berry is going to head straight to family court early this week to see that the order gets extended indefinitely.

The site’s sources say that Berry believes that if Aubry can’t control himself in front of Nahla and protect her from any emotional trauma, he should not be around Berry or Martinez. The judge who will handle the case is reportedly the same one that Berry has brought up Aubry’s uncontrollable temper to before in the past.

As The Hollywood Gossip notes, Aubry’s temper was last brought up in court when he allegedly pushed a nanny while she was holding Nahla in her arms.

Berry and Aubry have been in court battling over custody of Nahla this year. Earlier this month, a judge told her that she could not permanently move with Nahla to Paris.



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