Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dating rumors are false

By Allison Cordaro,

Taylor Swift, who broke up with 18-year-old Conner Kennedy in October after spending nearly the entire summer together, was rumored to have reconciled with ex, Harry Styles. Fortunately for female One Direction fans, a source close to the British star says that the speculation surrounding his relationship with American songstress are false.

The Huffington Post reported that the two were spotted holding hands following the country star’s performance of “State of Grace” on The X-Factor on November 15.

On his radio show, 104.3 MY FM, X-Factor co-host Mario Lopez told listeners that he observed the two joking around and giggling prior to her performance.

"During rehearsals, Harry from One Direction came and slapped me on the back, and said, 'Hey, Mario, how ya doing?' And I said, 'What are you doing here?' And he sort of [pointed] toward Taylor."

However, Perez Hilton revealed that a source close to the 1D star says that the 18-year-old Brit isn’t ready to commit to any one girl at the moment. Styles is aware of his teenage heartthrob status and isn’t prepared to settle down.

"Harry's being really sweet with her right now and careful not to hurt her. But at the same time, he's a young, popular heartthrob who isn't quite ready to be tied down."

Photo courtesy of INFDaily.com



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