‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Achy Breaky Hearts

By Freda Eang,

Lavon and Ruby are madly in love with one another and no one is happy about it. Zoe absolutely hates Ruby and Lemon cannot stand the sight of her. The two of them can’t wait for the day when Lavon and Ruby split up and it seems the opportunity has already come in this week’s episode. While out with Annabeth, Lemon sees Ruby flirting with a businessman from outside of town. She enlists the help of Zoe to dig around and see if this businessman is Ruby’s secret lover. It turns out that the businessman is not, but Zoe uncovers other shocking news that will supposedly break Lavon’s heart.

Ruby is planning to take a job in Dallas, indicating that she won’t be staying in Bluebell for long as she promised Lavon. At dinner that night, Lavon confronts Ruby about the rumor and although she was scouted for the job, Ruby did not take it as Lemon and Zoe assumed. Angry that Lavon did not trust her, Ruby decides to take the job after all. After she leaves, Zoe feels horrible for ruining a perfectly fine relationship and does her best to fix it. She tries to get Lemon on board in restoring the mess they created, but when Lemon declines to help Zoe realizes that Lemon is still in love with Lavon.

Soon after, Lemon goes over to see Lavon and seeing the condition that he’s in; she knows that she has no other choice but to work with Zoe in bringing Lavon and Ruby back together. The two devise a plan and it’s a success as Ruby stays in Bluebell (although she also accepted the job in Dallas). Only time will tell if the two are going to stay together or not.

Also, Emily breaks up with Brick after he proposes that she moves to Bluebell and Wade and George are mentors for a group of boy scouts this week. Wade avoids George because he’s worried that George will confront him about the relationship Wade is having with Zoe. George reveals that he does know about the relationship, but the reason why he’s wants to talk to Wade is because he wants to date Tansy. It’s a relief on Wade’s part, but even George can tell that Wade wants to be more than just the rebound guy for Zoe. Too bad he didn’t have the guts to talk to her about it at the end of the episode. We’ll just have to see what happens when the topic comes up again. I’m hoping they will become an official couple soon. Thoughts on the episode?

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW.



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