‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: I Walk the Line

By Freda Eang,

It is election time in Bluebell this week and it’s a war out there as every vote counts. Is it going to be Ruby or Lavon that will be crowned mayor? The campaign is going strong as Lemon takes charge by telling Team Lavon (Zoe, Wade, and George) to seek out any remaining voters. Wade is in charge of persuading his ex-wife Tansy to vote, while George has to persuade his current girlfriend. Zoe on the other hand is actively seeking voters, but a trip to the clinic ends up distracting her from the elections as she realizes that there is something wrong with Brick.

Wanting to get to the core of the matter, Zoe tries to get it out of Brick. He quickly tells her nothing is wrong, but agrees to tell her if she can help teach Magnolia how to drive. She agrees and after getting back from her lessons, she learns that Brick is having relationship problems. Apparently his girlfriend hasn’t been returning his phone calls for awhile, and he’s worried that she already has found someone else and that he was just a summer fling. Zoe advises Brick to stop making up stories and to go find out the truth. Brick immediately leaves for Emily’s, but not before realizing that he hasn’t vote yet. With the polls ending any minute, Brick fills out his vote by mail and hands it to Zoe before dashing out the door.

Zoe plans to run over to the polls soon after, but is stopped by Magnolia as she wants her driving lessons. Zoe believes turning in the ballot an hour later won’t make too much of a difference and so she goes driving with Magnolia first. Little did she know that without Brick’s ballot, the votes for Ruby and Lavon are at a tie. According to traditions, the chicken will decide the mayor if there ever is a tie and Lavon is horrified as the chicken keeps picking Ruby (from earlier in the day). Lavon is left in a predicament because he wants to win, but he knows if he does Ruby will leave town immediately.

As the chicken is deciding which picture to go towards in the cage, Zoe finally arrives with Brick’s ballot. Lavon is reelected as a result and he gets what he wants as Ruby is staying in town to be with him (after his confession about being in love with her moments earlier). I’m glad to see how everything went smoothly for Lavon, but I feel really bad for Lemon. By closely working with Lavon in the past few weeks, she has allowed herself to fall back in love with him. Too bad she was not able to tell him before he pours his heart out to Ruby. Thoughts on this week’s episode?

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW.



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