'Hawaii 5-0' - 'Ohuna - The Secret' Recap

By Jackie Morrison,
How Much Is A Secret Worth? Who Pays The Price?

Sometimes the problem with being young is that consequences don't really register in the brain. 17 -year-old Zack Slater is leaving prison after serving a six month sentence after hacking where he shouldn't have been. As Zack says goodbye to the guards, his parents and younger brother James wait outside. Dad is still not happy that Zack used his laptop for too much mischief.

The family drive home but the GPS is hijacked and they get lost in the woods and are ambushed by men in skeleton masks. Zack knows something is up and when the family van is run off the road and carjacked, Zack gets kidnapped.

Commander Adonis aka Steve McGarrett is at Honolulu International Airport picking up younger sister Mary. Turns out the stewardess gig didn't work out and Mary is now a caregiver to Morty, a senior citizen with fast hands and an eye on Mary. Talk about extreme May-December romance because Morty proposes to Mary every other day. Steve is not pleased, especially when Morty's hands get out of hand on Mary. Steve threatens to break Morty's hands if they get fresh again with Mary.

Just as Steve is about to break the news to Mary that their mom is still alive his special 5-0 phone rings and he has to get to the carjack scene with Danny. Mama McGarrett is at home all nervous and crying with regret over missing her kids formative years. Steve arrives home alone with no Mary. Little sister is not happy with prodigal mom. Mama McGarretr's instincts kick in and she decides to track down her daughter whom she last saw when Mary was three years old. Steve then has an Odepipal moment and tells Mama to stand down. Does this mean Adonis will soon be over his complex?

When Steve arrives at the carjack scene with Danno they find out that Zack apparently hacked into The White House database and accessed things he wasn't supposed to. The judge decided to make an example of Zack and sent him to the slammer. Kelly determines that the GPS in the family van was hacked which means it was a highly planned abduction. Kono does some investigating of her own and talks to James. Her sleuth skills are sharp because Kono noticed that James was typing the same license plate of the carjacker's vehicle over and over again. Kono runs the plate and finds out that the car is already en route to the HPD impound. 5-0 finds the vehicle with a dead Zack in it.

Later in autopsy, the pathologist from Heroes says that the teenager died of a heart attack. Zack had a history of heart arrhythmia and the kidnapper's torture pushed his heart to stop. Steve 007, opps, Steve 5-0 thinks that the kidnappers wanted information when the pathologist identifies brushes on Zack's chest that is consistent with CPR.

While in jail a Chinese cyber criminal named Kong, who runs a hacker crew in a computer sweatshop, visited Zack in prison and got into a shouting match with him. Kong knew Zack as Omega Man, his handle in the hacker community. Well, if Steve had any talent with computers his handle has just got to be Alpha Dude or Sexy Thing just not 007 because that's for my Michael Fassbender. Something tells me that Steve is trying to compete on some level with Magneto to be the next James Bond. It's a fair competition since Steve and Magneto both have moves like Jagger. Oh, let's just spend the night together Steve. I'm so going to cheat on Michael Fassbender now.

Danno decides to call in some confidential informants among cyber hackers. Steve learns the lingo of the hacker world and before he knows it, the CI is wearing a wire while Steve heats up the small screen in SWAT gear. the hacker CI is sweating but not because of so damn hot Steve but due to the hacker's panic disorder.

Talk about the King of Bad Bosses. Kong must violate numerous State and Federal Labor Laws on a daily basis as he breaks thumbs to get his crew to produce. The CI balks and runs out of the computer sweatshop causing Steve and Danny to storm the sweatshop. Kong gets trigger happy but Kono comes to the rescue to kick ass with Kellly. Once Kong is in interrogation he cries for a lawyer. I'm not a lawyer but Kong is a foreign national doing illegal things. Can't 5-0 just deport him?

Mama McGarrett is up to something again. She goes to the cemetery to find Mary visiting her dad's graveside. Mary is having a breakdown and just wants her dad to come fix everything. Mama the spy starts spying on Mary and breaks down herself into a major spell of Mother's guilt. Back at HPD, Kono is going through Zack's laptop but the pass code can't be cracked. She goes to the memorial at the Slater house and realizes that James has the password. It's the periodic table of elements and their corresponding atomic numbers, all 391 of them. Kono calls Kelly but her cell signal dies right before the Slater house is raided by skeletons with British accents. A SWAT team arrives when Kelly realizes Kono has been taken hostage.

Turns out its a South African private army and its lead mercenary who is behind Zack's murder. Kono reveals herself as 5-0 so the soldiers of fortune don't kill James and the rest of the house guests. Kono negotiates a release for the hostages in exchange for the pass code but the South African Mercenary leader decides to call Steve. He won't negotiate and the private army steals an HPD paddy wagon with Kono as their sole hostage. Then Steve goes all 007 in a race to audition for the next James Bond by chasing the paddy wagon and climbing on top of it while its speeding.

Steve disables the driver and takes over the van just before machine guns blaze. Kono and the South African Mercenary leader fall out from the back and Kono starts kicking ass. The two get into hand-to-hand combat but Kono's surfing talents come in handy. She manages to sidestep just enough to knock the guy unconscious.

Danny and Kelly arrive to find Kono still standing and 5-0 heads back to HPD where the rest of the story comes out. Turns out that an infamous mobster named Richard DaSalvo hired the South Africans to help him hide out in Hawaii after he escaped from protective custody. Zack had uncovered it and he stumbled upon a secret that was worth his life. 5-0 arrest the mobster and Kono lets James keep her badge.

Mary gets some advice from Morty on the beach who tells her that she has a second chance with her mom and not to blow it. Morty explains how he lost his daughter to a drunk driver after she ran away to California with a boy that Morty and his wife didn't like. Morty regrets letting his pride get in the way of reconciling with his daughter before she died. Mary finally relents and goes to Mama McGarrett for a mother and child reunion.

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