'Hawaii 5-0' - 'Wahineʻinoloa-Evil Woman' Recap

By Jackie Morrison,
Private Eyes ... they're watching you ... watching your every move

Every breath you take, every move you make, oh sing to the us the ultimate stalker song Commander Adonis, (aka Steve McGarrett) given how in this episode you get a restraining order against you for stalking a particular kind of sex therapist.

The episode begins with hotness all around but no Commander McGarrett in site. A sugar cane field has caught on wildfire and a couple is driving through the flames. The girl is all into it but the guy is clearly worried. Then a man on fire hits their windshield and gives both of them something to scream about.

Next we see Catherine enter her home to be greeted by Agent Channing pointing a gun at her. Channing accuses Catherine of her interest in McGarrett as having nothing to do with Naval Intelligence. Turns out Catherine is a hacker who cost Agent Channing his badge. But Catherine gets out of the situation in Charlie's Angels fashion.

Back at the burning sugar cane fields, the 5-0 the team is out to look at the burnt body. Cause of death was blunt force trauma when the victim hit the car after being shot and burned before the collision. The poor stiff had also been doused with gas.

Catherine now has the Agent in a bind. She insists she wasn't working for anyone and not a man named Mengosa. Her hacking was a favor for Steve. Apparently this Mengosa guy is going after Doris, Steve's mom, who spent years in witness protection in Japan. Catherine wants to tell Steve but Channing says not to say a word.

Steve is back at the burning man scene on Skype with Kelly who says the victim, named Aiden O'Connell, had made a dozen calls to a Dr. Olivia Victor, a psychotherapist in Wakiki who was in Maui when she got the calls. The gang sets off to see Dr. Victor to find out if pyromania was the diagnosis on file with Aiden. Dr. Victor is outside washing her car when Kono and Steve drive up to tell her that her patient is dead. Steve brings up the phone records but Dr. Olivia says that she lost her phone while running. Steve notices something suspicious and begins to question the shrink who profiles Steve and asks him if he is ex-military. Things get all Socratic with Dr. Olivia answering a question with a question while she continues to clean the car. Steve stops her and tells Kono to call CSU as the Dr. Olivia gets arrested.

Once in interrogation Dr. Olivia, who may or may not be a psychopath, is cool as a cucumber. An HPD officer tells Steve he has to release her since there is no evidence that she is guilty. Steve is convinced she is guilty for killing her patient but Dr. Olivia doesn't flinch. Why are shrinks often more nutty than their maladaptive patients? And you thought Freud was inappropriate with his patients. Jung was too with a Fraulein named Sabina but then again, if he looked like Michael Fassbender in A Dangerous Method, it can't be a crime in that respect. Lucky for Dr. Jung the California BBS was not around yet when he and Sabina went clandestine in Vienna.

Steve gathers the team and warns them that Dr. Olivia is one smart femme fatale who may have been aware of some illegal activity with her dead client. Danno thinks that Dr. Olivia got all Jungian with Aiden as her male animus version of Sabina. When Steve's gut tells him to pursue his hunch, Danno and Steve visit Aiden's widow and notice that the shrink is consoling the wife. Dr. Olivia notices the duo and smirks at them without fear. Psychopath are we? I wonder what Clarice Starling would say about all this?

Mrs. Lindsay O'Connell reveals that her husband had been a recovering alcoholic for the last 6 months. Steve broaches the subject about Dr. Olivia and Aiden. The wife does think Aiden could have been cheating and that Dr. Olivia was part of the solution and not the problem. On the ride back to HPD Danno tells Steve that he could be all wrong about Dr. Olivia given her clean background and lack of complaints with the therapy board. Just because someone is clean on a check doesn't mean they are not guilty says Steve. Then Danno suggests Steve needs a therapist. Possibly for his Odepidal complex... which is clouding his judgement ...paging Dr. Freud.

Kono's investigation reveals that that Aiden's finances reveal that he was paying a private investigator. The P.I. is on a stakeout and Kelly and Kono are dispatched to see him but find him as dead as Aiden. The team find an encrypted laptop.

Meanwhile Channing and Catherine are talking to Doris who thinks that she had killed Mengosa. Turns out the tactic Doris used to fake her death was the same one that Megosa used. Now 30 years older and going by an alias name of Fernando, Catherine and Channing show her a picture but Doris can't believe it's him. Catherine tells Doris that this can't be a coincidence.

Over at Dr. Olivia's office, Danno and Steve are trying to break privilege and confidentiality trying to get Aiden's patient files. Then Dr. Olivia accuses Steve of unhealthy attachment, well, we all know what happened with him and his mom. Dr. Olivia then insults Steve's reading comprehension skills and authorizes release of her patient records since death changes everything. Then Dr. Olivia accuses Steve of a whole sort of clinical issues: mommy and daddy issues, abandonment, ad betrayal, plus lack of commitment. Then it turns out that as Dr. Olivia is profiling Adonis the patient files are gone. Steve may be projecting his Oedpial complex onto Dr. Olivia. Danno noticed that the whole suspicion is about Steve's issues with a woman who stands up to him. Does that mean our resident Adonis is a chauvinist?

Danno plays amateur shrink as to why Adonis is so hostile to Dr. Olivia. Then the Commander gets served with a restraining order from the shrink. Steve decides to retaliate by putting her on a no fly list but tells Danno to do it. Mengosa/Fernando is staying at a hotel as Catherine and Channng examine the photos. They are interrupted by Steve who asks Catherine to put Dr. Olivia on a no fly list. Steve is all agitated thinking the shrink is playing him and then he proceeds to spy on her. Adonis is clearly trying to be James Bond but failing badly since the shrink knows he is watching and tells him to meet her at a cafe in 10 minutes. Talk about entrapment. Clearly their meeting puts Steve is far less than 500 yards away from her. Femme Fatale c'est moi parle Olivia. C'est-ce question Steve, she asks?

Then Dr. Olivia confronts Steve about how fantasy about sex involves death and suggests he is seducing her. He says she is a sociopath. Then it turns into a profiler-on-profiler scenario before Steve is ambushed as Dr. Olivia calls HPD and accuses Adonis of stalking her. Then Commander Steve discovers his car has a flat tire complements of the femme fatal. Has he met his match? Can 007 come to the rescue? Something tells me Bond could beat Dr. Olivia at her own game far better than Steve.

Back at HPD Kelly and Kono discover that a whole team of P.I.'s were looking into Dr. Olivia. Maybe Oedipus was right after all and his hostility is not a complex manifesting and projecting itself onto a woman who challenges him.

Over at a hotel the dreaded Mengosa is the subject of a spy operation with Catherine and Channing. Catherine is looking around Mengosa's hotel room but can't find anything. Channing tries to stall Mengosa in the elevator until Catherine looks into the safe. It's empty and Channing tells Catherine to get out of the room but she is relentless and finds pictures of Doris in the back of the safe. Catharine leaves just in time for Mengosa to not notice she was snooping around. Channing and Catherine tell Doris that Mengosa has been watching her and they are coming to take her to a secure location. When they arrive there is no Doris, only a broken lamp. Catherine calls Kelly to track Doris via her jeep's GPS.

Back near the cafe, Danno arrives to help Steve and his flat tire and the pair run off to meet another patient who was having an inappropriate relationship with Dr. Olivia. Turns out Dr. Victor is not really the man's shrink but his Madam. Turns out it's sex therapy that violates boundaries because Dr. Olivia is running a whore house with her practice as a front. Turns out Aiden was blackmailing a few of her clients. Back at Dr. Olivia's office Danno and Steve find an inappropriate session that even Dr. Freud would have called a case of ego confusion and identity disorder.

Dr. Olivia is not at her office. She is at Honolulu Airport buying a one-way ticket to Rio in cash but hasn't shown up at the gate yet for agents to grab her. Dr. Olivia is hiding in the bathroom and spots a stewardess whose uniform she wants to take. Kono arrives a few minutes later to find the flight attendant dead and out of uniform. Steve locks down the airport because Dr. Olivia is playing the team again. Dr. Olivia actually leaves the airport for the Waikiki Marina but Steve stops her cab in time. Gotcha!

Meanwhile Catherine and Channing find Doris in a warehouse electrocuting Mengosa trying to extract information about who knows she is alive. Catherine stops her before she goes too far and brings her home. Mama McGarrett swears Catherine to secrecy but her promise is hesitant. Looks like there is much more to McGarrett Mere than anyone realized. Maybe her name is really Jocasta, the mother or Oedipus Rex in the Ancient Greek tale. Tune in next week to find out.



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