'Hawaii 5-O' "I Ka Wa Mamua - In a Time Past" recap

By Jackie Morrison,
Daddy's Girl

A bit of a flashback episode that opens with a gritty view of Newark, New Jersey circa 2003 where we find Danny in his old digs with his former partner Grace. The pair are outside an abandoned garage they are about to bust open. Lucky Danny seems to get stuck with hotties as partners, first Jersey Girl Grace and Adonis Steve. At first they apprehend a drug dealer until they get ambushed by Terence Howard who left hooks Danny. The scene fades to present day Hawaii where Danny's new hottie partner Steve is listening to the story about the Jersey ambush.

Unfortunately the trip to memory lane is cut short when Danny sees their suspect. A foot chase turns into a shootout in a cafe outside Honolulu. Danny checks the suspect for ID.

Next scene rewinds to 9 hours earlier with a Kardashian cameo thanks to Kendall Jenner playing a retail clerk in a Honolulu dress shop. Danny and his daughter Grace are on a shopping excursion. The song from New Edition "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" plays in the backdrop while Grace tries on a darling fuchsia dress NOT from the Kardashian collection, I hope. Danny is helping his daughter pick a dress but somehow I just don't see him as a stylist type. Danny does his best but Grace finds her dress without his help. Turns out the pair is preparing for a father-daughter dance that night. Always nice to see Danny take his father duties seriously. Too bad that as soon as Grace has found her dance gown the shopping date gets interrupted when Danny gets a call to a crime scene.

Looks like the scene was explosive - literally. Hot stuff Steve is there to check out the hot stuff that caused the fire and uncovers elements in the site that are out of place. Namely fire accelerates that seem to have originated in the Middle East. Who would have thought it took a sex bomb to locate actual TNT, Oh Commander McGarrett ... you're so damn hot. Any more temperature rising actions from you and I will cheat on Michael Fassbender so he better become James Bond soon, like NOW!

Later on, the body found at the fire is an autopsy. The pathologist from Heroes determines that the suspect blew himself up. Dead guy was a radical. Then Adonis Steve gets all 007 like and says that something might be up. Oh Commander McGarrett, can't you make a statement that would make Gibbs proud? Oops ... that's another show (NCIS). Steve calls Catherine as she relaxes at the Hilton. First
he makes the confession that he can't live without her or her ability to background check people for him. If I were Catherine I would be worried Steve was just dating me to use my clearance to his advantage. Danny gets dramatic with his paternal perspective as Steve talks to Catherine on the phone. Looks like Grace is in for one overprotective dad when she hits her teens, one with a bonafide gun license but not 007.

Next scene is Steve and the gang going all SWAT in some suspicious house. The team comes upon a suspect who refuses to stand down. Another shootout but it turns out the guy had an empty firearm. Strange but it looks like the team stumbled upon a hideout. Whoever was there had plans to target people and places of interest. Steve looks gravely worried. If it was James Bond he would look all ice cool instead.

Steve starts working out his strategy because it looks like Hawaii may be at risk for going up the Big Kahuna, Catherine shows up at the scene with some intelligence for Steve on her iPad. Catherine would make a good Bond girl even if Steve is hardly 007 material. Steve watches the footage on Catherine's iPad and sees faces he recognizes, which confirm his suspicions. Then a big fierce German Shepherd starts barking, which catches Steve's attention. Looks like the pup smelt something bad.

Steve pulls the walls apart and find some serious dynamite. Adonis is about to hit panic and then jumps back into the 5-O car with Danny. The duo call their loved ones to tell them to go somewhere safe but can't tell them much. Talk about creating anticipatory anxiety. No wonder law enforcement has a higher than average divorce rate. I'd leave my husband too if he pulled that on me too often, unless said spouse was Fassbender as James Bond. See the lyrics for the new Skyfall movie.... where you go I go .... sings Adele.

Then Kono calls the boys and tells them all about the aliases of the suspects on Catherine's iPad. Cousin Chin Ho Kelly has gathered up the rental cars the suspects have rented to track them on the GPS which indicates the bad guys are on their way to a retirement ceremony for a General. All alerts go off. Steve calls out HPD, the Coast Guard, Pearl Harbor, everybody he can. The ceremony is cut short because everyone has to evacuate. Danny and Steve find one of the empty rental cars without the driver but a trunk loaded with more fireworks. Time is literally ticking, detonation experts get suited up, and tensions are high. A cameo of the German Shepherd is on the scene again but the pup seems to be done for the day. No second cameo though for Kendall Jenner. Guess the German Shepherd was more useful for the episode.

As the ticking dynamite is deactivated, 5-O is back at the suspicious house and Kelly finds false passports. Steve has Kono check with the airports and Danny and Steve go on a steak out. Danny is in bigger trouble. Grace thinks Dad is going to bail on the dance. Danny gives her his guarantee that he will be there. Then Danny gets all philosophical by telling Steve how the the last 10 years of his life with Grace was borrowed time.

Flashback to 2003 again in New Jersey. We see Danny in his old precinct talking to a pregnant Rachel on a cell back when they were married. Danny enters an interrogation room and confronts a guy with no ID, no car insurance, and arrested while driving a stolen car. The suspect blames it all on a set up. Danny's interview is interrupted and his partner tells him that the guy he talking to has quite the rap sheet. Then it all goes full circle to the scene when Danny and Grace went to a that warehouse and got ambushed by Terence Howard.

Fast forward back to 2012 Hawaii where Danny has uncovered a live wire on a dead suspect near a Honolulu cafe. Danny has to stay completely still or he and Steve will go up in smoke. The detonation squad is back and Danny is sweating bricks. He asks Steve to tell Grace he is sorry he won't make the dance but Steve won't let him give up. Steve distracts Danny by asking him to tell him to finish his story about what happened at the warehouse in New Jersey.

Steve and his old partner Rachel ended up being tied up to a chair and getting tortured 007 style. Poor Danny gets pummeled so bad you just want the real 007 to come to the rescue. Terence Howard finds Rachel's sonogram and hints Danny will die before his daughter is born. The end looks near when Danny's partner Grace is shot in the stomach. Danny manages to break free by convincing Terence Howard and his accomplice that the sirens outside are coming for them. It works and Danny breaks free and gets into a shoot out. He exits the warehouse and tries to flag down one of police cruisers but none of them stop because it turns out the day in question is September 11.

Back to the future, or the present, as the fail safe seems to have failed and Danny looks like he is dunzo. Detonation man cuts it close and stops a fire bomb from evaporating Danny and sex bomb Steve. Danny doesn't run out of time. He can make the father-daughter dance after all and quickly rushes off to get Grace. Once on the dance floor the One Direction song comes on and Danny still manages to pull a few Footloose moves just for Grace. Maybe the title for this episode should have been "My Father the Hero" but that was already the name for a French film from 1992.



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