'Hawaii Five-0' Halloween Recap

By Cheryl Hollar,

The opening scene of the Hawaii Five-0 Halloween episode begins when an HPD officer spots a serious two-vehicle accident. Though there are no victims at the scene, blood drips from the steering wheel of an upside-down car.

The scene fades to the inside of a house, where a girl in a nurse’s costume is tied to the framework of a bed. She awakens to see the back of a man sharpening a tool which turns out to be a knife. She says she’s an accident victim and needs to go to the hospital. The man continues to sharpen the knife, then turns to approach her with it. As he cuts into her flesh, she screams, as blood spatters on his shielded face.

The theme song introduces the next scene, where McGarrett and Catherine prepare to relax and watch “Child’s Play.” McGarrett reveals to Catherine that the film is a tradition he has kept since the ninth grade. She accuses him of using the scary movie to seduce her, just as he apparently seduced his ninth-grade girlfriend. He counters that she did the same to him a few days before with The Notebook.

A knock at the door interrupts their making out, as Danny enters the room. He is upset, because Grace wants to spend Halloween with her friends. Catherine comforts him as McGarrett heads to the kitchen for a beer.

When McGarrett returns without the beer, he says Chin called, and they have to go to work.

As McGarrett and Danny arrive at the aforementioned crime scene, HPD informs them that one of the vehicles at the scene, a 1996 truck, has been reported stolen. Also, this is not an accident. The wires to the airbags of the truck have been cut, and the car has been rammed over and over again, forcing an accident. McGarrett calls this a “smash, grab, and bail.”

Back at Five-0 headquarters, the car is traced to a Lisa Heller. As information on her is revealed, a call comes in that reports that her credit card is at that moment being used at a convenience store.

On interrogation of the suspect, Danny and McGarrett find that he has just been released from prison and that he came upon the credit card in a purse in an alley. When Danny, Kono, and McGarrett check the alley, they find Lisa’s body.

McGarrett and Danny then visit Max, in “Bill and Ted” attire, where they find that a Y incision on the chest and abdomen of the body, made by the killer, was made while the victim was still alive. Further, a CT scan reveals that the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas are all missing. McGarrett believes this is a crime of organ trafficking.

The notion is shot down in the next scene, when Fong calls Chin with the news that a hair at the scene was not human, but goat hair. And a call from Max reveals that no effort was made by the killer to preserve the organs.

Max further requests that Danny and McGarrett make a special trip to autopsy to see something he has discovered.

This visit reveals an unusual knife handle symbol on an impression in Lisa’s skin. It is a symbol of the occult, a pentagram.

McGarrett then concludes this is a ritualistic murder.

As the team gathers back at headquarters, Kono reports that Lisa told her parents she was going to the library to study. A check of security footage does not show her at the library all night. However, a check of Lisa’s email reveals that she got an invitation to a costume ball at the “home of the beast.”

McGarrett and Danny arrive at the address given. McGarrett recalls the house from his youth, says it’s rumored to be haunted. Danny believes him.

And a search of the premises finds Jesse Hills, the “beast.”

He tells Danny and McGarrett that he threw the party here because he lives with his parents.

Jesse, surprised that Lisa is murdered, shows the two video footage he intends to download to his Facebook page. He tells them he remembers Lisa vividly, because she was wearing a sexy nurse’s costume.

A check of the video finds Lisa dancing with someone named Lucas. Danny and McGarrett suspect a second victim when Jesse tells them the two left together.

Meanwhile, looking for the seller of the knife, Kono and Chin discover through a shop owner that the knife in question is a ceremonial dagger of some sort used in witchcraft traditions, a specialty item of black magic and Satanism. A goat’s head is the given symbol.

The next scene opens to Lucas in a cage, begging for his life. He only sees the back of his abductor, who sharpens a knife.

While Lucas pleads, the killer is interrupted by his watch alarm and leaves. He goes up a basement stairway into a living area, where he gives an older woman her medication. She comments that it is already five o’clock. The killer tells her she is out of her heart pills. He leaves to get more.

At Five-0 headquarters, Chin and Kono report their findings. They discover that the type of sacrifice associated with the Satanism they have uncovered requires dual sacrifices. That is why both Lisa and Lucas were taken. Kono reports that in the black magic ritual sacrifice, one victim was killed on October 31, and the second before midnight on November 1. Since this is November 1, it is possible Lucas might still be alive.

They look for cases of animal cruelty, citing that the killer must have started small, then worked up to human sacrifice. Seth Tilton is found to be a match to a case where he stole a farmer’s two bulls a year ago and killed them in a similar sacrifice. He lives with his grandmother.

Lucas is then seen struggling to get the cage he is in to a position where he can get a knife to free himself. He finally turns the cage over, gets the knife, and removes the hinges from the door of the cage.

When he goes upstairs, he sees Seth’s grandmother and asks where Seth went. Getting no reply, he goes into the kitchen, finds a phone, and dials 9-1-1. As he does, Seth’s grandmother stabs him.

Upon Seth’s return, he sees Lucas on the floor and apologizes. She tells him she’s tired of cleaning up his messes. Seth drags Lucas away.

Kono lets McGarrett and Danny know that an anonymous 9-1-1 call came into HPD from Seth’s address. She does not know why.

As McGarrett, Danny, and HPD arrive at Seth’s house, they find his grandmother and a trail of blood leading out of the house.

Danny finds the bed, cage, a goat mask, and goat symbolism in the basement.

The grandmother leads McGarrett to believe Seth is headed for her sister’s house. He directs HPD to take her in.

Handcuffed, in the back of a police cruiser, she feigns a heart attack and shoots the police officer escorting her with his own gun. She then calls her grandson and tells him the police know everything. He is furious.

Danny and McGarrett get a call that the HPD officer transporting the grandmother called for an ambulance, and they realize they’ve been played.

When they arrive on the scene, the grandmother is still in the police car, the dead officer outside it.

Before she can be arrested, Seth’s grandmother commits suicide. McGarrett checks the history for the last call she placed and finds it was to Seth’s cell phone.

Chin traces the pings from the closest tower to find Seth at the site of ancient Hawaiian blood offerings. He tells McGarrett the altar for the offerings is still there.

Danny and McGarrett arrive on the scene as Seth completes the ritualistic setup and raises his knife to sacrifice Lucas. McGarrett shoots and kills Seth.

Night comes as McGarrett and Catherine again attempt to make out on McGarrett’s couch as they watch “Child’s Play.” McGarrett wants to see the end of the movie, and Catherine keeps trying to get his focus back on her.

There is once again a knock at the door. This time, it’s Danny and Grace, as they “do-over” trick or treating. Grace is a bumblebee, while Danny is some sort of red-caped superhero.

Over McGarrett’s objections, Catherine decides they should all watch “The Notebook” and motions for Grace to sit next to her on the couch.

Danny sits as well, and McGarrett has no choice. He throws an arm around Danny. When Danny asks what The Notebook is, McGarrett tells him he’s going to hate it.



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