‘Hawaii Five-0’ I Ka Wa Mamua (In a Time Past)

By Cheryl Hollar,

Hawaii Five-0 opened its November 12 episode with a view of Danny’s past as a cop in New Jersey.

The episode begins with Danny and his partner, Grace, intercepting a drug deal at a warehouse in 2001.

As they get the drop on the dealer, two thugs surprise them from behind and tie them up. They want to know who else knows about the drug deal.

Back in present time, McGarrett and Danny, who is telling this story, are interrupted when the subject of their stakeout appears. They give chase.

Danny shoots and kills the suspect. As he and McGarrett approach the body, they see a bomb strapped to him.

We are then taken back nine hours. Danny waits outside a dressing room at a tween boutique. His daughter, Grace, tries on dresses for a father/daughter dance.

As Danny pays the cashier for a dress they both like, he gets a call to go to a crime scene.

When he arrives on scene, Max is literally putting together the victim of an explosion. Body parts are strewn in various locations.

Chin, Kono, and McGarrett all know that Danny has been shopping for a dress.

Following the ribbing they give him about this, McGarrett tells the team he has experience with the type of explosive used at this crime scene. He describes it as a “high velocity peroxide-based explosive.” He further identifies it as TATP, a highly unstable explosive that is recognized by its bleach-like smell. It is used all over the Middle East.

When Max gets the body back to autopsy, he tells Danny and McGarrett that the vic was attempting to build a bomb and accidentally blew himself up.

Through DNA, he is identified as Qaseem Ramzi, a terrorist from Saudi Arabia.

In the next scene, McGarrett interrupts Catherine’s R&R by the Hilton Hawaiian pool and asks her to get intel on Ramzi.

Danny and McGarrett briefly discuss Danny’s worries about Grace growing up in a world full of terrorists.

The next scene finds Chin and Kono, who determine the bomb to be controlled by radiolink. They trace the vic’s cell history to a residence, where another terrorist, Ayham Al Safi, is found.

When he refuses to surrender and shoots at Danny and McGarrett, they both kill him with multiple gunshots.
McGarrett discovers Safi was carrying an unloaded gun, meaning he didn’t want to be taken alive.

As they search the house, Chin finds a map detailing targets on the island, including the power plant and airport.

McGarrett orders the targets to be alerted and secured.

Then Catherine arrives on the scene. She pulls the intel McGarrett asked for and links the terrorists to an electrical engineer named Farooq.

An HPD dog alerts them to a wall, behind which McGarrett finds enough C4 to blow up a city block. On closer inspection, McGarrett notices special edging on the C4 and realizes this is only half the explosives.

The team then traces the credit card of this second terrorist to a rental car company on the island, and track the car to Ft. Shafter, where a retirement ceremony for a three-star General is taking place, with the Secretary of Defense in attendance.

When McGarrett and team arrive on the scene, everyone is evacuated, and the rest of the C4 is found in the trunk of the rental car.

The bomb squad disarms the bomb.

The GPS found in the car traces Farooq to an address in Waikiki.

The scene then changes back to the beginning of the episode, with Danny and McGarrett on stakeout, Danny recounting his drug deal experience in New Jersey.

Fast forward to Farooq avoiding capture. Danny and McGarrett stand over Farooq’s bomb-strapped body. McGarrett recognizes a proximity sensor with an infrared radiation beam that detects movement and warns Danny that he must stay perfectly still until the bomb is diffused.

McGarrett prods him to continue the story about his days as a cop in New Jersey.

The scene then changes back to the warehouse, where Danny and his then-partner are tied up. When Danny refuses to tell the drug dealers who else knows about the location, the thugs shoot his partner and attempt to cut off Danny’s hand.

He lies and tells them the place is surrounded. He is as surprised as they are when he hears sirens blare.

Taking the opportunity, he catches them off guard and escapes. When he runs outside, he sees a string of police cars rushing toward what used to be the Twin Towers. It is 9-11.

Back in present time, the bomb squad officer alerts McGarrett and Danny that there is a fail safe attached to the bomb, and he is not sure if he can diffuse it. Both he and Danny tell McGarrett to leave. McGarrett refuses and stays.

When the bomb is finally diffused, McGarrett and Danny share an emotional moment.

The episode ends with Danny and his daughter dancing at the father/daughter banquet.



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