How I Met Your Mother: Splitsville

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Fans have been slowly learning how the current couples of How I Met Your Mother broke up. Robin and Nick have started to have issues in prior episodes, but fans learn that there are more problems in the relationship.

Nick joined Marshall’s basketball team and injured himself, which is putting a strain on his intimate relationship with Robin. Apparently, Ted formed a basketball team of his own named the T-Squares.

Robin realizes that when her and Nick stop getting physical, that he might not be all there mentally. The glass seems to have shattered around Nick. Marshall stands up for Nick and is not so much high intelligence, but with the motive of keeping Nick on his basketball team because is the best player on the team.

Robin decides she should break up with Nick, but avoids breaking up with him because of his very attractive body. Barney thought ahead and planned a way to get Nick and Robin to break up. Barney created an invite called Robin and Patrice BFF Fun Day. Patrice is a co-worker of Robin’s that has become very obsessed with her.

In order to avoid the invitation going out, Robin takes Nick to a local restaurant, Splitsville. Nick receives a devastating phone call and Robin doesn’t have the heart to go through with the breakup. The devastating phone call is that Nick won’t be able to play basketball for the season because of his injury. Marshall reacts in a true Eriksen fashion.

Barney informs Robin that in five minutes he will send out the Robin and Patrice BFF Fun Day invite, unless she breaks up with Nick on speakerphone. Robin appears to not go through with the break up on the phone, suddenly Barney appears at the restaurant. Telling Nick, “Robin and I are in love.” It appears that Barney started out this conversation as a way to get Robin out of the relationship, but halfway through the conversation, Barney seems honest and passionate. A heart-warming moment for fans that have been waiting to see how Barney and Robin finally get married.

Barney of course denies that his speech was anything more than a relationship save. In the midst of saving Robin from dating Nick any longer, he forgot to cancel the invite to Patrice.

Fans also realize that Lilly and Marshall have stopped being physical with each other, which has driven them to go a little crazy themselves.

This concluded the “autumn of break ups.”



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