Human rights group warns governments of killer robots, advocates for ban

By Daniel S Levine,

A human rights group is calling on governments to make sure that killer robots never happen. Human Rights Watch says that, even though they don’t exist yet, technology is moving at a pace that killer robots could happen and take over humanity.

Essentially, HRW, which published “Losing Humanity” with the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic, said that the risks of automated killing machines far outweighs the benefits. While they could lower the number of human casualties, they lack the human controls “that provide legal and non-legal checks on the killing of civilians,” reports The Verge.

According to NBC News, HRW specifically points out that the Navy’s X-47B drone can be a precursor to the killing machines. It is already designed to refuel and land on an aircraft carrier without human controls.

“It is essential to stop the development of killer robots before they show up in national arsenals,” Steve Goose, HRW's Arms Division, said in a statement. “As countries become more invested in this technology, it will become harder to persuade them to give it up.”

Clearly, HRW is set on making sure The Terminator never becomes a reality.



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