'Innocence of Muslims' creator sentenced to a year in prison

By Jon Hall,
Filmmaker violated terms from previous convictions

Innocence of Muslims filmmaker Mark Basseley Youssef was sentenced to a year in prison by a federal judge on Wednesday. The film, which sparked outrage across the global Muslim community and led to the death of an American Ambassador, violated the terms outlined from previous crimes committed by Youssef.

According to the LA Times, Youseff plead guilty to four violations of his federally supervised release that resulted from a 2010 bank and credit card fraud conviction. The fraud incident was estimated to cause $800,000 in losses.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Robert Dugdale says the violations are dangerous since Youseff changed his name several times and had multiple identities, even while producing the film.

"This is not a defendant that you want out there using multiple names," Dugdale said.

Prior to his arrest following the controversial film, Youssef had a passport under one name and a driver's license under another all while producing the film under a third identity.

According to Reuters, Youseff's legal team were denied their request that would allow the filmmaker to serve his sentence in his home. Instead he will be imprisoned for one year and placed under supervised release for an additional 4.



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