James Bond's Judi Dench discusses her role as M

By Jon Hall,
Caution: 'Skyfall' spoiler alert included

Skyfall opens nationwide today, marking Daniel Craig's third installment as Bond. For actress Judi Dench, who plays M the head of MI6, this will be her seventh Bond film spanning 17 years. The 77-year-old actress recently opened up about her role as M, revealing some spoilers. So fans, you've been warned.

While having an interview with the Huffington Post, Dench discussed how M would be different this time around in addition to working with director Sam Mendes.

"It's very nice to be out from behind the desk," Dench said. "It's extremely nice to get a go in the field, as it were, and get a bit of the action. It made me feel very grown-up. It's not just the fellas who are spinning about and shooting guns – I get a go."

Skyfall director Sam Mendes shared his thoughts on Dench.

"I learned more from watching her, the way she worked, than I ever had before. She would never think of herself as a teacher. She has too much humility and too much grace to consider herself to be knowledgeable. But in fact, it wasn't about what she said, it was about how she conducted herself, how she rehearsed, how she thought about the play, her dedication to the play and the audience, her work ethic."

Dench replaced Robert Brown as M. Brown was previously M starting in the 1983 Octopussy and continuing until 1989's License to Kill. Dench's female M, first seen in GoldenEye, immediately set the precedence that her M would be fierce. Skyfall will be Dench's last Bond film. However the actress, who is nearing 80, has no plans of retirement yet.

She was recently nominated for a British Independent Film Award for her role in Exotic Marigold Hotel, according to BBC, and is filming Philomena, according to IMDB.



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