Jeff Goldblum stalker arrested

By Jon Hall,
Stalker violated restraining order

Jeff Goldblum has had a successful career in Hollywood spanning decades in both film an TV. However with the success and fame that his acting has granted him, the actor has had his fair share of negative issues come his way because of his fame. Most recently, his longtime stalker, Linda Ransom, was arrested for violating a restraining order filed against her by Goldblum.

According to E! Online, the 60-year old actor has a 50-year-old stalker who has been stalking him since 2001, where she met him at an acting seminar he was giving. Her 100-yard restraining order was violated when she was 20 yards away from the actor at the Ahmanson Theater where Goldblum was holding another acting seminar.

A June E! Online story explains why Ransom has the restraining order against her in the first place. The former mental patient was apprehended trespassing in Goldblum's home in June.

At that time, she was violating a temporary restraining order filed by Goldblum in May for appearing at his home on multiple occasions. Prior to that, he was granted a restraining order in 2007, however it was not able to be renewed in 2010 because Ransom had not violated the law at the time.

Ransom's Saturday night arrest had a $20,000 bail set. While the actor may have some peace for a short time, Ransom's track record indicates that this will not be the last time the two run into each other.



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