Jennifer Lopez says she didn't fire maid over autograph

By Lauren Mangeri,

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez claims the story about how her maid got fired for asking for an autograph from Lopez, is not true.

According to the Inquistr maid Pray Dodaj, of the Melia Dusseldorf hotel in Germany, rang the doorbell of the star, but was rejected by two assistants, leading to her termination of being a maid.

Lopez wrote that is not true on Twitter and she said she first heard about this from a website.

Dodaj says she is a diehard fan, so it took a lot of her courage in order to ask for her autograph.

Reality TV Mag reports that the director of the hotel, Cyrus Heydarian stands by his decision because he does not like when employees disturb guests at the hotel.

Lopez seems very friendly with her fans and insists that it isn't true. What do you think? Do you believe the star who put it on Twitter she would never have that happen? Or do you believe the reports?



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