'Jersey Shore' Season 6 Episode 9

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
"Make it Unofficial"

On this episode of Jersey Shore, Mike decides he wants to break up with Paula. He officially cannot stand her outlandish personality and outspoken nature. He claims that she changed as soon as he gave her the title of "girlfriend" but we think she just became more comfortable to be herself around him. Mike also has that personality so it does not make sense that he would not want a girlfriend to be like him. Seems like Mike just wants a pretty face to just sit down and be quiet and do everything he says.

Meanwhile, Mike has told all his roommates and even people from the shore who seem to know Paula. Mike even called his sister to ask her for advice on how to break up with her. Later in the day the roommates ask Mike if they can go with him to watch him break the news to Paula, at her job at the tanning salon of all places. Before he goes, Paula coincidentally calls Mike crying, to ask him why he is spreading the news of a possible break up and not go to her in person first. Paula feels like she is the last to know but in Mike tells her everything is okay and says he will visit her that day at her job.

Meanwhile, Jenny is planning a surprise shore baby shower for Snooks and is planning it with the other girls and Jionni. She tells Jionni he better not say anything to Nicole. Also, Mike and Vinny talk about the fact that their relationship with Nicole has suffered due to the fact that Vin and Nicole have history and Mike spread lies about Nicole causing her and Jionni to almost break up. Nicole talks privately to Ron, Sam, and Jenni, and tells them she will not invite Mike to her wedding but definitely Vinny because he is a good friend. But first he has to talk to Jionni to break the ice. She seems like she does not want to give Mike a chance at all.

Vinny and Pauly the pranksters that they are plan to make a shirt for Mike that says "let's make it unofficial" as a joke.

Mike takes some of the roommates to the tanning salon and to their surprise there is no dramatic break up. Instead in Mike fashion, he casually breaks up with her and tells her he wants to go back to the way things were before the title. Paula agrees and they still remain friends. We think Paula is definitely heartbroken but wants to keep her cool.

Nicole also opens up to Jenni about the difficulties of pregnancy. She feels like no one understands her but Jenni. She also does not feel comfortable talking to the other roommates because she does not think they want to hear her complaining about the hot flashes, the moodiness, fatigue, and nausea that comes with her growing baby belly.



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