Joe Biden shares top 10 reasons to vote early with David Letterman

By Mallory Hatten,

Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Thursday night’s Late Show with David Letterman to share 10 good reasons why it’s important and smart to vote early – many of which were humorous to fit in with the theme of the show.

Is it just me, or does the VP look like The Fonz?  #joebiden ... on Twitpic

E! News reports that the three-and-a-half minute segment included everything from cracks at Donald Trump to promises of free food. Did you vote early? If not, maybe you should think twice.

Here’s what Biden had to say.

10. “I’m not saying each early voter gets a free cheeseburger, but I’m not saying they don’t, either.”

9. “It’s vastly more effective than voting late.”

8. “You know who votes early? People with a backbone like a ramrod.”

7. “In a less crowded polling center, there’s plenty of room to stretch out, linger and relax.”

6. “If you vote early, you don’t have to pay taxes…I’m sorry, I’m being told that’s not accurate.”

5. “Single and looking to mingle? Find that special someone on the early voting line.”

4. “Of course, there’s the open bar.”

3. “Not exercising your right to vote is malarkey --- it’s literally malarkey.”

2. “Early votes receive a $5 million donation from Donald Trump.”

1. “Honestly, don’t you want this election over with already?”

Photo Courtesy of Twitpic.com

Video Courtesy of YouTube.com



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