Jon Bon Jovi's daughter will NOT be charged in alleged drug overdose

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

It seems Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter, Stephanie Bongiovi, has caught a break after her alleged overdose as the 19-year-old will not face charges after heroin and marijuana were found in her college dorm room.

As previously reported, an unidentified person sought medical attention after the daughter of the rock star was reportedly unresponsive. Although when police and medical officials arrived at Hamilton College, Stephanie was transported to a local hospital.

Police searched the young woman’s dorm and found marijuana, heroin and paraphernalia. Ian S. Grant, 21, was also arrested on the drug related charges.

Now, UTICAOD reports that neither Grant nor Stephanie will face charges as a law passed in September 2011 states that neither the witness who seeks medical help for a victim nor the victim of an overdose can be prosecuted for heroin if the weight is under 8 ounces, or any amount of possession of marijuana.

District attorney Scott McNamara informs, “By law, they have immunity. I can’t prosecute them even if I wanted to. To proceed would be highly inappropriate and highly unethical, and would jeopardize my opportunity to practice in the future.”

However, the two may face possible expulsion from the college, as the two violated “Hamilton College policy.”



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