Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumored to star as Batman in ‘Justice League’ film

By Allison Cordaro,

With the epic conclusion of the Batman trilogy released in theaters over the summers, Christopher Nolan did not leave any indication that he would proceed further with the franchise. However, speculation has surfaced hinting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will take on the role of Gotham’s Dark Knight in an upcoming film surrounding the Justice League of America.

According to Collider, Warner Bros. has already begun work on Justice League which is slated to hit theaters sometime in 2015. Although Zack Snyder, director of the anticipated film, Man of Steel, denied reports that his movie is in any way related to Justice League, the 46-year-old director has recently changed his tune, admitting that his Superman is similar to the one that will appear onscreen in 2015.

What’s more interesting is that sources have confirmed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has already been casted in the role of Batman for the film. Hit Flix reported that the Inception star will “absolutely” make his appearance in Justice League as Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises concluded with strong allusions to Gordon-Levitt’s character, whom the audience discovered is Robin, succeeding Bruce Wayne as the new Batman. Despite allegations from Nolan that he would not be involved in continuing the franchise, rumors have circulated that the Looper actor is close to a deal which would solidify his future as the new face of Batman in Justice League. Other sources, however, have revealed that audiences can expect to see Gordon-Levitt’s portrayal of Batman much earlier than that.

Not much is certain about the upcoming Justice League film. Fans are left to wonder which DC superheroes will make an appearance alongside Superman and Batman. It still remains to be seen whether Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as the Green Lantern.

While Justice League will hit theaters in 2015, The Dark Knight Rises arrives on DVD and Blu Ray on Tuesday.



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