Journalists get stir crazy on Rihanna's '777' tour over lack of food, sleep and seeing the star (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Rihanna’s 777 tour visits seven cities in seven days for her highly anticipated album, Unapologetic. However, even though fans on the ground are jealous that she brought 250 eager fans and journalists aboard, the heavenly experience isn’t so, for the crowd has been awaiting to talk to “her highness.”

People reports that several members of the press have both written and tweeted about the lack of sleep, food, sights and communication from Rihanna since jetting off for the tour.

An MTV journalist wrote about what he called “bedlam erupting” on the plane, saying, “It's nearing the end...we're on the plane from Berlin to London and things have taken an interesting turn. Long waits on tarmac and in buses, no sleep, and no sightings of her royal highness since our initial ascent into the skies has the denizens of the Rihanna plane feeling restless.”

Each journalist on the plane complained about Rihanna’s teams’ lack of taking off on time, the lack of food and the potential that they would rip one another’s heads off.

“God, I wish some of us WOULD eat something. I mean, for all the ribbing and good-natured complaining and the joshing about that one Australian guy with the harmonica that we’re cheerfully plotting to behead, some of us are the problem,” writes MHKC.

So, was Rihanna aware of the stir-crazed journalists who were sitting in coach; eager, hungry and tired?

According to Fuse, a Def Jam publicist emerged from first class to see what all of the commotion was about, (which included the Australian harmonica player streaking), he reportedly told the out of patience crowd, "I don't know…Someday, before we die, I’ll tell you my version of the story.”

Check out some of the craziness in the video below:

Image: Twitter



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