Journalists on Rihanna's 777 tour go stir crazy, one Australian reporter streaks through plane (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Rihanna is currently on her “777 Tour,” during which she goes to seven countries in seven days to promote her new album Unapologetic.

The plane that travels throughout the tour is packed with journalists who are able to cover every detail of the tour, but one particular journalist even upstaged Rihanna on a flight from Berlin to London by streaking through the cabin.

According to The Daily Mail, an Australian journalist stripped down to his birthday suit in front of group of 150 fans and fellow journalists.

The plane reportedly went into chaos when Rihanna took some time for herself and the journalists wanted quotes and time with her.

Fuse magazine senior writer Jason Newman tweeted “Crowd chanted "Just one quote!," "I need a headline!" and "Occupy 777" while Aussie journo stripped naked and ran around the plane.'”

A possible reason for Rihanna keeping to herself is she was spotted partying into the wee hours in Paris the night before with P. Diddy, his girlfriend Cassie, Rita Ora and Akon.

Entertainmentwise reports that Rihanna has visitedMexico, Canada, Sweden, Berlin and Paris so far.

Unapologetic hits stores today.

image courtesy of INF Daily



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