Justin Bieber ‘completely in love’ with Selena Gomez, but she’s still not happy with him

By April Chieffo,

After a reported split a few weeks back, it seems teen powercouple Selena Gomez, 20, and Justin Bieber, 18, are trying to make things work.

INF Daily

The reported cause of the split, which reports say was due to “trust issues” is making the reconciliation difficult, though.

Justin, according to Fox News is “completely in love with her, crazy over her” and she has his “heart and ear,” but even though he may love her, she wasn’t going to easily take him back.

Selena was spotted out to dinner with BFF Taylor Swift last weekend, who reportedly gave her relationship advice, and according to reports, responsible for convincing Selena to give Justin another chance. After their meet up, Selena and Justin were happily reunited. They were even spotted at an American Music Awards afterparty this past Sunday holding hands.

According to Entertainmentwise, The New York Post reported that they have not gotten to a point where they are 100% happy again.

"[Selena is] far from happy with how he has treated her,” said a source, adding she took him back “with a heavy heart.”

Continued the source, “Things are still pretty volatile between them."

While it’s easy to speculate, Bieber and Gomez are the only two who truly know what is going on in their relationship. If they did breakup and decide to work things out, it won’t be long before breakup rumors heat up again.



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