Justin Timberlake talks revamped MySpace, his music career

By Gina DiFalco,

Justin Timberlake let a select group of reporters in on full demo of the revamped MySpace site on Thursday, explaining why he wanted to take part in the redesign of the site with Tim Vanderhook and Chris Vanderhook.

Comparing it to other sites like Facebook and Twitter, Timberlake emphasized their focus on music with their feature "Top Fans.” He wants musicians to be able to network with their influences, peers and fans through the new MySpace without word restriction or a mass quantity of people not interacting.

“I can't speak for every artist, but I can tell you that if I have X amount of followers on Twitter, I'd rather that number be smaller and know that they're all engaging versus throwing comments all over the place that have nothing to do with anything," Timberlake said, MTV News reports. "Lucky for me, from what I've seen, it's that type of interaction [with the 'Top Fans' feature]."

With the feature, Timberlake wants to promote the “quality of engagement” rather than quantity.

"I think about it as blurring the gap and how much you can discover through your fanbase and how much you can discover about yourself as an artist,” he said.

As for his own career, “You're the ones who stopped talking about me as a musician. You guys act like I said I've retired," he joked. "I can tell you this: When I'm ready to say something, you always know that I'll say it in the biggest way possible.”

He emphasized “I'm not less inspired, I didn't give up, but until I have something to say, I was taught to keep my mouth shut. That's how my mother raised me."

image courtesy of NBC



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