Kat Von D and boyfriend split

By Lauren Mangeri,

Famous tattoo artist, Kat Von D and her boyfriend Deadmau5 are no longer a couple.

Von D confirmed the news via Twitter this past weekend with a series of tweets saying they broke up.

The two have been dating for two months, according to L.A. Times. They met at a party.

Deadmau5 is a DJ and music producer. He tweeted about the situation himself saying he jumped into the relationship too fast. He also said he was not ready and Von D deserves somebody a lot stronger.

Von D’s past consists of being married to Oliver Peck, which did not end well either and Peck said she will do anything to stay in the limelight. She was also engaged to Jesse James, but that ended because he repeatedly cheated on her during their relationship.

Reality tv magazine reports it possibly could be karma that she and Deadmau5 broke up. Even Steve-O, famous for being on the show Jackass reported on his Myspace years ago that she had cheated on Peck with him, Bam, and three of his other friends.

Image: Twitter



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