LeAnn Rimes rescues puppy ‘just in time for Thanksgiving’

By Mallory Hatten,

Country singer LeAnn Rimes welcomed a new addition to her blended family on Wednesday, bringing home a rescued puppy named Eveie.

E! News reports that the 30-year-old country star went to see the little pup after a friend tweeted about an abandoned dog that needed a home.

But within moments of seeing the homeless pooch, Rimes couldn’t resist. “We ALL fell in love at first sight,” the singer wrote on her blog. “Even our doggies welcomed her instantly.”

The singer went on to reveal how they went about choosing the name for the precious pooch, admitting that it was her son Mason’s idea. The little boy had been saving the named “for his little sister so he says” and was so happy Eveie “came just in time for Thanksgiving.”

As for how the pup’s doing now? Rimes tweeted a picture of Eveie curled up in a blanket with the caption, “Spoiled…”



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