The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Chicago Bulls

By Jassum Gloster,

Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Chicago Bulls 101-80, going on to win their fifth game in a row. All-star Griffin scored 26 points in the game, 12 of which came in the late fourth quarter.

The Clippers have beaten great teams that have gone deep into the playoffs. Those teams include last year’s NBA Champions Miami Heat, hometown rival Los Angeles Lakers, and the consistent San Antonio Spurs. Anytime you can beat high quality playoff teams like those, it’s a great sign for the future.

The Clipper’s bench scoring has been very high ever since signing former sixth man of the year, Jamal Crawford. According to ESPN, their bench outscored the starters 53-48 throughout the entire game. Crawford has been leading the reserves averaging about 20 points a game.

Despite the team’s success, the players must not lose perspective and realize they still have a long way to go. In a recent interview Fox Sports West, Chris Paul, a leader on the team said, "We couldn't ask for more out of ourselves, but we just have to keep remembering that it's a long season. We have a big road trip coming up that starts in San Antonio, which is a tough place to play."



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