Man admits to robberies at Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s home on Election Day

By Daniel S Levine,

Police have arrested a man who allegedly admitted to burglarizing California Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s home on Election Day.

Police say Kevin Michael Hagan, 21, burglarized Pelosi’s Napa County vacation home on Monday then again on Tuesday, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

Hagan was arrested by sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday while he was in the middle of another robbery. Police say they found a watch Pelosi had at her home.

The Chronicle initially reported that it was unclear exactly what had been taken from Pelosi’s home, noting that many of her valuables were still there.

According to The New York Daily News, Capt. Tracey Stuart, a spokeswoman for the sheriff, stressed that the crimes were not politically motivated.

“This guy is just a burglar, who is on probation for grand theft,” she told the Chronicle. “This was not a politically motivated thing.”

Pelosi was elected to her 13th term in the House of Representatives Tuesday. Since the Republicans maintained control of the House, the Democrat will remain the minority leader. She was the first female Speaker of the House, a position she held until the 2010 elections.



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