Michael Jackson’s personal assistant suing AEG for hiring Conrad Murray

By Daniel S Levine,

Another Michael Jackson legal mess is making headlines. This time, it involves Michael Amir Williams, the late King of Pop’s personal assistant, who has filed a class-action lawsuit against concert promoter AEG. He claims that he and others lost millions in unpaid wages because of the company’s negligence and decision to hire Dr. Conrad Murray to care for the singer.

Williams filed the lawsuit Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, reports The Wrap. He claims that he and others missed out on $7.5 million because AEG hired the doctor, who was later found guilty of causing the “Beat It” singer’s death in 2009. That meant that the planned This Is It tour would never happen.

In the suit, Williams said that he and the others were hired by Jackson to make sure that he gave the “first class performance” at the London O2 shows that his contract required. “The express terms of the Contract allowed for class to be paid by AEG up to $7.5 million and any amount over $7.5 million to be paid for by Michael Jackson,” the suit states.

Unfortunately for Williams, the others and Jackson’s fans, AEG decided to hire Murray, who treated Jackson’s insomnia with propofol. An overdose of the drug, administered by Murray, lead to his death. Murray was convicted in November 2011.

“This lawsuit is clearly frivolous; it is literally barred by at least four different legal doctrines,” AEG’s lawyer, Marvin Putnam, said in a statement to E! News and other sites. “The easiest is that Mr. Williams was a personal employee of Michael Jackson's, and was never a beneficiary of Mr. Jackson's contract with AEG Live. As such he has no legal standing to sue on that contract. Nor can he legally bring a claim for Mr. Jackson's wrongful death.”

Putnam also added that the suit is a clear attempt by Williams to make grab some attention and money. “It is truly unfortunate that so many see Mr. Jackson's demise as an opportunity to grab as much for themselves as possible,” he added. “This is just the latest wrongful-death lawsuit with someone hoping to profit from Michael Jackson's tragic death in the same way they profited from his life.”

This news comes two months after AEG decided to drop a $17.5 million insurance claim after emails were leaked that showed that the company had been nervous about Jackson’s health from the moment they began working with him.



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