Michael Lohan on fathering another child: 'Dina and I were separated' at the time

By Gina DiFalco,

Michael Lohan is now claiming that he did not cheat on his then-wife Dina Lohan at the time of fathering love child Ashley Horn, because he said they were separated at the time.

As we previously reported, Michael found out that 17-year-old Ashley was his child on Trisha Goddard, where he agreed to take a paternity test.

When it was revealed he was the father, he told Ashley "I just want to hug you."

Ashley was born in 1995, right inbetween his two youngest children with his ex-wife, Ali (born in 1993) and Cody (born in 1996).

But he’s telling TMZ it was not “cheating” or “an affair” because "Dina and I were separated and living separately at the time for 8 months."

He also commented on being a father to another child and Lindsay being surprised by it, saying "Dina has been telling our children that Ashley is my daughter for years, without even knowing the results. So how could this be news to our children?"

Furthermore, Michael’s girlfriend, Kate Major, is currently pregnant with his child.



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