Mila Kunis to produce a show set in the '70's

By Matthew Dougherty,

It is not what you are thinking, it has nothing to do with That ‘70s Show, but instead Mila Kunis will be producing another show set in the 1970s for the CW.

According to The Huffington Post, the show is called Meridian Place, and will be a drama about women’s rights in the climate of the 1970s. The show will reportedly be set in the Midwest.

Entertainment Weekly says that Kunis will not actually appear on the show but will serve as executive producer instead.

Kunis recently starred in Seth MacFarlane’s comedy Ted.

She also has a starring role on MacFarlane’s long running animated comedy Family Guy.

Kunis received a lot of critical praise back in 2010 for Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, which got her a Golden Globe nominee.

Currently the CW is also producing a prequel to Sex in the City set in the 1980s called The Carrie Diaries.

No word yet on casting decisions or when Meridian Place might make it to the air.



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