Miley Cyrus says her new music is “dirty south hip-hop”

By April Chieffo,

Miley Cyrus’ appearance isn’t the only thing that has changed in the last two years, so has her music.

According to what Cyrus is saying about her new album, which has yet to get a title or release date, her new music is less bubblegum pop and more “dirty south hip-hop.”

In an interview with CNN, Cyrus, 19, opened up about her new music. She says she brought together her “two favorite styles of music” to create a sound that “radio needs right now.”

“It's a really different sound,” Cyrus, who has worked with Pharrell, Tyler, the Creator and Mac Miller, said. “Not only just for me, but I think it's something that radio needs right now. [P]eople don't think [hip-hop and country] make a good hybrid, but actually, so many hip-hop artists are really inspired by country musicians - especially a lot of the artists I've been working with in Atlanta.”

Along with introducing a new sound, Cyrus also hopes she can bring the focus back on the artist rather than just the beat.

“There's no one out there now where it's about their voice being on top of the track. Everything out there right now is about the track.”

She says her new music has her “raw” vocals “on top of all the tracks, which is what I wanted."

It has been two years since Cyrus released new music. She has spent time perfecting this upcoming album and making sure she is saying exactly what she wants with the new music. Although she is a successful actress, music is most important. She says she wants to be remembered most for her music.

"I want people to remember me for things that are great," she said, according to The Huffington Post. "Much bigger than the comedies that I do, but more about the music that I write and the songs that you leave for the world to think about."

Photo: Miley Cyrus, Twitter



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