Miley Cyrus will only have one wedding day

By April Chieffo,
Recent reports claimed that Cyrus was planning three different wedding celebrations in three different locations

Miley Cyrus may know how to "Party in the USA," but when it comes to her wedding to The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth, despite reports, she's not planning more than one celebration.

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According to The Daily Mail, There were recent reports in Star magazine which claimed that Cyrus, 19, would have three wedding celebrations, one in Tennessee, another in LA and a third in Australia, where Liam Hemsworth is from. According to the story, Miley, who reportedly set a wedding date for next June, was planning a million dollar wedding complete with three different designer dresses. But much like all the other premature wedding talk, it is all just rumors.

A source told, E! News of Cyrus' rumored wedding plans, it's "not true at all."

As it stands now, Miley insists she hasn't even started to plan her wedding. Her first priority for right now is her music career. She wants to get her music career back on its feet before she gets married.

" I'm really excited to get obviously married, but I kind of already feel married," she said at the VMAs in September. "I know we're forever and I don't really need a paper right now."

Still, people will likely still like to talk about Cyrus' wedding. She may even be fooling everyone, like Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, who insisted they hadn't planned their wedding. They had been planning since they got engaged almost a year ago. Of course, they married in an Italian ceremony in Italy a few weeks ago.

When it comes to Miley and Liam's wedding, we'll have to wait and see.



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