‘The Mindy Project’ Episode 5 Recap: ‘Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist’

By Luis Vargas,
Mindy a.k.a Beyonce Pad Tahi

The Mindy Project begins in the morning after a night spent between Mindy and her new boyfriend Josh. Mindy wakes Josh up so that he could see her wearing his button-up shirt and flatter her by telling her how great she looks in it. Josh convinces Mindy to ditch work with him and play hooky, however that changes quickly as Mindy becomes infuriated when Josh follows her in trying each other’s clothes. He puts on Mindy’s jeans, which are a little loose on the waist for him and that makes her a little self-conscious.

Jeremy, Mindy’s old flame, desperately wants his watch back from Mindy who has kept it in her apartment. However, Mindy won’t give it to him so he decides to enlist the help of an ex-convict…Morgan. He convinces the rehabilitated Morgan to help him break into Mindy’s apartment by lying to him and saying that he wants to break in the apartment in order to plan a surprise “half-birthday party.”

Mindy is to distracted to notice because she has to find a new gynecologist. A conversation with Danny turns into a job opportunity for him after he says that he feels the same way about a lamp as he does about Mindy. However, Danny doesn’t think that Mindy could be a patient because she has the “hots” for him. Danny’s proof is that she always checks him out when he is wearing tight shirts. Mindy is disgusted at the thought and suggests that Danny couldn’t be her doctor because he is attracted to her. Finally, they decide that Danny will be her new gynecologist and as Mindy walks out of the office she commands him not to check her out, however the grin on his face suggests that he was.

Jeremy prepares to head over to Mindy’s apartment by wearing an all-black burglar outfit and Morgan meets him with “break-in kit,” which consists of a couple of tools and a t-bone steak to distract possible guard dogs. Morgan sort of puts dent in Jeremy’s plans by inviting Betsy along to help decorate the apartment for what they think is a “half-birthday party.” Once they break in the apartment Jeremy reveals his true intention for breaking in was to get his watch angering Morgan who informs that he is on a short leash with the law after his jail time. Betsy also shares her discontent for Jeremy’s dishonesty. After telling Jeremy that no one in the office likes him and that he’s a jerk she hands him his watch. However, Jeremy repents for his manipulation and ends up leaving the watch giving Betsy some hope.

Meanwhile, back in the office Danny goes through the mandatory reviewing of medical history with his ne patient Mindy, however this encounter is ten times more awkward than regular medical history reviews. He asks about her menstruation history and Mindy answers the question with no hesitancy. However, when he asks is she is sexually active Mindy becomes a bit uncomfortable, but turns the tables when she starts going off on a tangent about condoms making Danny uncomfortable. Danny asks how many children she plans on having and when she responds four, he basically crushes her dreams by giving her run down on how the rest of her life will go. She ends up a divorced single mother at 44 years of age. This is a huge emotional blow for Mindy,

Mindy falls to her friend Gwen for some moral support before Morgan barges in and offers his advice. He tells her that when people doubt her she should create an inner warrior. Mindy’s inner warrior is “Beyonce Pad Thai” and Beyonce is strong enough to get through her first consultation visit with Danny and freak him out over examining her breasts. Mindy wins the battle in the long-lasting war between the two.



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