'The Mindy Project' Episode 6 Recap: 'Thanksgiving'

By Luis Vargas,
Josh and Mindy make it exclusive

This episode starts off with a romantic dinner at Mindy’s apartment. Her boyfriend Josh is cooking dinner for Mindy, however he is not the most skilled chef so he uses six Panini presses to make a meal that Mindy describes as disgusting. Mindy and Josh will spend Thanksgiving 1,000 miles away from each other and the question of exclusivity comes up when Mindy asks Josh if he plans to sleep with any crazed groupies while he is away. The lights go out right in the middle of the conversation and Josh tries to avoid the conversation, but Mindy won’t let it go not even when a fire breaks out in her kitchen.

Mindy plans on spending the holiday with her best friend Gwen. She has invited Morgan over in order to provide some assistance with cooking. On the way over to Gwen’s Morgan senses something is wrong with Mindy and she reveals that Josh is not ready to be exclusive. The ever-supportive Morgan points out that if he doesn’t want to be tied down to her she doesn’t have to be tied down to him either. Morgan goes on to say that if Mindy were his girlfriend he would be so exclusive with her that he would not even allow her to see another man by trapping her in his basement. A statement that was meant to be more flattering than creepy I’m sure.

Meanwhile the other co-workers Jeremy and Betsy spend Thanksgiving together too. Betsy invites Jeremy to spend his first American Thanksgiving with her family; whom she is embarrassed of because they treat her like a little child. When the father serves drinks he gives everyone a beer except Betsy he serves her strawberry milk.

The old grouch Danny Castellano spends Thanksgiving alone at the office trying to pass the time perfecting the notes to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”

When Morgan and Mindy arrive at Gwen’s Morgan brings wine in a Coke bottle as a housewarming gift (at least he has good manners.) At Gwen’s Thanksgiving party is The Office star Ed Helms reprising his role as Dennis the guy who dated Mindy earlier on in the season. Things start to click between Mindy and Dennis, but then Dennis introduces his date Geeta another beautiful Indian woman who he has met through Gwen.

Mindy is angered because she accuses of Gwen of replacing her with “Mindy 2.0.” Gwen denies the accusation, but does admit that Geeta is better for Dennis than Mindy because she has her life together unlike Mindy who is a bit of a “mess.”

Mindy gets back at Gwen by wearing her dress, which reveals a bit more skin than appropriate for a Thanksgiving party. As Geeta leaves to handle an emergency Mindy pursues Dennis and the two end up making out. However, things to get too hot because Gwen interrupts at the right time and starts fighting with Mindy so everyone in the entire house can hear. As the two go at it Morgan distracts guests by doing 100 push-ups and the fight is interrupted by a phone call from Josh who is at a strip club, but reveals that he can not stop thinking about Mindy. He apologizes and admits that he has made a mistake about being exclusive. He asks Mindy if she wants to be exclusive with him and after making Josh jump through hoops a bit she accepts his offer to be exclusive.

Back at Betsy’s Thanksgiving party she gets fed up with her parents as they continue to treat her like a child. As a result she locks herself in her room. On the other hand Jeremy was enjoying him self. He goes to offer some support to Betsy and shares a childhood story about being a mediator in his parent’s divorce to show her that being treated like a child a couple days out of the year isn’t so bad.

The show ends on a pretty sad note as all the characters send photos of their happy Thanksgiving parties to each other. When Danny receives all of the photos there is a somber moment where he is all-alone in the office going through the photos and texting Mindy.

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