Miss America contestant Allyn Rose to undergo double mastectomy

By Mallory Hatten,

Miss America contender Allyn Rose, 24, is set to represent her home state of Maryland on January 12 as she competes for the coveted title. But when she walks across the stage weeks from now, Rose will be a different woman, as she is expected to undergo a double mastectomy.

E! News reports that the blonde bombshell struggled to make the decision, telling People in an exclusive interview that she is having the procedure done as a precautionary measure.

“The idea that I could wake up one day and not have the same body that I did the day before is very scary,” Rose admits. “But I also realize my mom was diagnosed [with breast cancer] at 27. That’s three years away from me. I’m not going to let my fear of losing this part of my femininity stop me from living.”

Rose made the decision for the drastic change after understanding that female members in her family suffer from a genetic mutation that raises their chances of getting breast cancer.

The young part-time paralegal and pageant princess lost her mother at the age of 16. “It’s a very strange change in our genetic code,” Rose reveals. “Almost all of the women in my family have passed away from it.”

Rose will undergo the surgery in June should she lose the pageant title. If she takes home the crown, Rose will have to wait until January 2014 to undergo the procedure, as well as reconstructive surgery.

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