Mitch Winehouse talks George Clooney playing him in Amy Winehouse biopic, Lady Gaga playing his daughter

By Gina DiFalco,

For the upcoming biopic on the late Amy Winehouse, the “Rehab” singer’s father, Mitch Winehouse, reportedly wants George Clooney to play him.

Lady Gaga is rumored to be in the running to play Winehouse, and as we previously reported, Mitch said that could be arranged.

“If Gaga gives me £10million I will consider it,” he has said. “I think it might be advisable to get an English actress, although Gaga has got the look about her. It is something which we might think about.”

But as for Clooney playing Mitch in the biopic, he said “I dare say … who’s going to play me, George Clooney? I mean they’ve got to get someone good and handsome. But they’ll probably end up with Ray Winstone or someone like that knowing my luck.”

Celebuzz reports that Mitch could’ve had a change of heart when it comes to the Born This Way singer playing his daughter.

“I mean Lady Gaga, if she wants to come and audition for it… I’ve met her parents a number of times, she’s a lovely girl and all this stuff like, prawns on her head, when she goes home she doesn’t wear raw meat on her head,” he told reporters in London recently.

“Her mum says she puts her sneakers on and her tracksuit and sits on the couch and eats chocolates like everyone else,” he continued. “She’s a nice kid and her parents are just ordinary Italian working class people and she loves her mum and dad and she loves her grandparents.”

“She’s the same as Amy – she’s a nice kid, very nice young lady. She still can’t play Amy though.”

image courtesy of INF Daily



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