New Jersey and New York still suffering from power outages

By Jon Hall,
Hurricane Sandy's damage still causing issues

Weeks since Hurricane Sandy smashed into the east coast, New York and New Jersey are still trying to repair and fix the damage caused by the storm, however, complications caused by the nor'easter storm have slowed repairs.

According to the Huffington Post, about 120,000 customers in New York and New Jersey remained without power on Sunday, prompting a rally caused by New Yorkers to protest a utility company being blamed for slow response times.

More than 8 million people lost power from the hurricane, however, even with restoring power to nearly all of these people, some people still feel neglected. Individual homes or businesses deemed too damaged to support running electricity were left dark, even after other buildings in the neighborhood had their power restored.

"We certainly understand the frustration that's out there," Long Island Power Authority's chief operating officer, Michael Hervey, said in a conference call. He did assure that power was being restored rapidly "compared to the damage that's been incurred."

New York City Major Michael Bloomberg said generators had been brought into the city, however heating was "a more complex problem, but that's coming along as well."

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the power outages are having the worst effect on the sick and elderly, who are the most vulnerable.



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