'The New Normal' Recap: 'Unplugged'

By Marissa Willstein,

When was the last time you went technology-free for a day? For most of you, this probably sounds like an absurd and disturbing question. The thought of not having access to my iPhone for a whole 24 hours makes me cringe and The New Normal perfectly portrayed this dependence on technology in this week’s episode.

When Bryan, David, Goldie and Shania sit down for a meal together, their smartphones and tablets quickly interrupt the gang’s togetherness. When Goldie tries to converse with her loved ones, she is silenced by the sound of their fingers rapidly typing away on their gadgets. Her frustration escalates and she demands that everyone puts their screens away.

Bryan and David realize that Goldie is right. How will the two of them raise a baby if every time they hear a ding or a buzz, the world stops until they check their latest text, email or tweet? In an effort to wean off technology before the baby comes, Goldie suggests they go tech-free for one day each week.

We then see a strange sight. Rocky and Nana are enjoying lunch together. I haven’t quite decided if I am happy about this newly formed friendship because it is clearly a recipe for disaster.

The two outspoken and feisty women are discussing their life goals when Nana divulges her plan to get her real estate license in the state of California. Rocky warns her that she will quickly plummet to the bottom of the real estate totem pole if she fails to establish an online presence. Knowingly creating a monster, Rocky helps Nana create a Twitter account.

Using the handle @NanaUrBusiness, Nana begins to tweet offensive comments to gain followers. Rocky is stunned when she checks the newbie’s account the next day to find she has over 400 followers and counting.

Happy to see her fan base growing exponentially, Nana asks Rocky how to add photos and videos to her tweets. In an attempt to get the “wow” factor, Nana posts a very private video that she stumbles upon while searching through Bryan’s desktop. Bryan had made this music video as a tribute to his relationship with David for their wedding day.

Shania does what she does best and takes things to the extreme for their tech-free day. She shows up for dinner in a head-to-toe pilgrim costume and says she is also preparing for her school’s Thanksgiving play. Instead of just tossing aside their tech gadgets, she insists they get rid of all modern day conveniences including electricity.

Their candle-lit dinner is a bit disappointing because they simply run out of things to talk about. David excuses himself to go to the bathroom but instead sneaks off to check his Fantasy Football stats. When Bryan catches David peering at his laptop, David lets Bryan have a peak at Twitter.

He sees that the Twittersphere is holding up just fine without him and a new video called “The Gayest Video Ever” has become a viral sensation. Bryan soon discovers that this viral video came straight from his desktop and @NanaUrBusiness is the culprit.

He storms into the Twitter monster’s hotel room to give her a piece of his mind. Nana simply says that the world is no longer a private place due to social media and that he was asking for this when he made the video.

Bryan returns to work to find the whole cast and crew watching “The Gayest Video Ever.” In an effort to save himself from more embarrassment, he forces everyone to hand over their gadgets. After an actress tells him that #BrianIsASoftie is trending and how much they appreciate him revealing his true and sensitive self, he hands back their electronics and tells them to retweet the video.

Once Shania wakes Goldie up at the crack of dawn to start boiling water for their baths, Goldie gives in and hands over Shania’s gadget. Although she is relieved to have technology back in her life, Shania learned that she must limit her time spent on the internet and playing video games.

In another bed, Bryan and David also realize that limiting their use of technology is for the best. They agree to go tech-free every Saturday in order to be the best dads they can be.

image: NBC



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