New Storm hits areas affected by Hurricane Sandy

By Jon Hall,
Frigid winter storm batters east coast

Just days after Hurricane Sandy incapacitated New York City and New Jersey, a second strong winter storm has hit the east coast on Wednesday. With recovery still needed in the wake of Sandy, the new nor'easter storm has already caused power outages to 13,000 buildings along the east coast.

According to Reuters, this new storm has residences along the east coast reliving the disastrous environment created by Sandy, which has become one of the worst storms to hit the United States both physically and economically.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie warned residence about the upcoming storm.

"You have to prepare for the storm that's coming in a few hours," he said.

In New Jersey alone, 79 people were killed from Hurricane Sandy. Evacuations for the nor'easter storm have already taken place along the Jersey coast where strong winds created from a low pressure system have created waved exceeding 20 feet in size.

According to ABC News, some residents are still without power from Sandy as the new storm hits the same area.

"Here we are, nine days later — freezing, no electricity, no nothing, waiting for another storm," Queens resident James Alexander said. "We're petrified."

The nor'easter storm is expected to be less severe than Hurricane Sandy, however the impact could be worse since many of the areas in the storm's path are already crippled from Hurricane Sandy.



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