New York Marathon cancelled

By Kirk Dyson,

After announcing that the New York Marathon would continue, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the event would be cancelled.

A huge amount of criticism was thrown at Bloomberg when he originally decided to let the race continue. According to The Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg bowed to the mounting pressure saying that his decision had become “the source of controversy and division.”

It has been four days since Sandy hit the East Coast and the destruction has been huge. According to The Associated Press, the death toll has reached 90 in 10 states and millions are still left without electricity.

Bloomberg said he believes most of Manhattan should have power back by midnight Friday, but outer boroughs may have to wait until the middle of November.

Because of the storm, many police officers are working around the clock trying to maintain order in neighborhoods and gas stations. The marathon typically stations 1,000 police officers and 500 auxiliary officers along the route of the race that help direct traffic while clearing roads.

While critics believed the race would distract relief workers from helping those affected by the storm, Bloomberg said that would not have been the case.



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